Why You Should Watch Gilmore Girls!

I did a post like this a week ago, but talking about 13 Reasons Why so I decided to do it again but with another show. I love Gilmore Girls (like most people), and the revival came out a couple months ago so I decided why not talk about it.

Gilmore Girls follows a young mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore who live a fun, movie and food filled life in a small town called Stars Hallow. This show is super relatable, quirky and fun and when you watch it you get hooked! Rory is such a smart and independent girl, which is something I definitely looked up to when I was younger. Lorelai is also a great example for really anyone as well because she is a younger mother who managed to raise a bright girl all on her own and run her own business which is pretty impressive if you ask me. Another reason you should watch this amazing show is because in the late 2016, they created a few new episodes after about ten years of the shows end. They were amazing, but you can only watch them if you finish all seven, wonderful seasons of Gilmore Girls so you better get started!

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