3 Tips to Reach Your 2018 Reading Goals

We only have 19 days left of 2018 and I don’t know about you, but I still have 10 books I need to read before I hit my 75 book reading goal. By following these 3 tips to achieving my reading goals in a short amount of time, I know I can get it done and you can too! It’s important to remember that reading is not about reading X amount of books every year or reading JUST to reach that amount of books, but I do think it’s fun to set goals for yourself and stick to them. Reading always be fun and never a chore, but anyways, here are my 3 tips!

1. Audiobooks, Audiobooks, Audiobooks

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Audiobooks will be your golden key to hitting your reading goal in just a matter of a few weeks. You can listen to them when you are doing mindless tasks around the house like cleaning, making lists, or even getting ready in the morning. They are also great to listen to when you are commuting to work or school. For example, I listen to them when I’m walking to school or taking the bus and currently, I’m listening to City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare. You can get audiobooks on Audible (but they cost quite a bit of money), but I prefer using Overdrive or other online library apps that allow me to use my local library card code to borrow free ones via my phone. Overdrive is a great one so I recommend checking it out!

2. Under 200 Pages? Awesome!


Short books are also a great way to get a lot of reading done in a miniscule amount of time because if you sit down and read 50 pages, that is already a good chunk of the way through the book. Currently, I’m reading Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare which is no small book by any means (it’s 912 pages), but I balance it out with shorter books like the Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (which I’m also reading right now and is just over 200 pages). Other short books you should check out are The Outsider by Albert Camus (115 pages), We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (227 pages), Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny (182 pages) and Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (186 pages).

3. Balance Multiple Books at Once

Honestly, whether you are a student right now or not, this should be something you are familiar with. With my classes, I’m usually reading if not one, then two books at the same time along with whatever I read in my own time. Balancing multiple books at once is a really useful skill and also helpful when it comes to reading lots of books every year. If you have a really hard time separating the books you are reading or remembering what the hell is happening in each of your books, then give it a try anyway because you might get the hang of it. I can’t not read multiple books at once because I’ve gotten so used to it and I have also gotten really good at it!

Those are my 3 tips to help you hit your reading goal before the end of the year, and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post, as well as my social media accounts which are linked down below. Thanks for reading 🙂

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Staying on Track with Your Goals

Hey guys! For today’s blog post I will be sharing my tips on staying on track with your goals, whatever they may be, for ultimate success in the last several months of 2018. Anyways, I hope this helps to inspire and motivate you and let’s get into the tips 🙂

  • Review Your Goals Weekly – This is really important because sometimes while working towards our goals, we forget what they originally were along the way. Personally, I get really distracted while doing my goals and sometimes forget what I am supposed to be working towards so reviewing my goals weekly, or even daily, is really helpful. This can involve writing your goals out at the end of each week, or just reading over your original copy.
  • Break Down Your Goals – Create stepping stones for yourself when it comes to your overall goals, because most are hard to swallow in one bite. When it comes to my writing goals, I break mine down to daily/weekly word counts so that I reach my deadline for the goal and get all I need done. For example, I aim for around 2,500 words a day and 15k a week so I can 50+k done each month.
  • Reward Yourself – To keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals, which can be a little stressful sometimes, reward yourself! Maybe once a week take yourself to the coffee shop and get some work done there, or give yourself an extra hour or two in the evening to just relax if you got a lot of work done the previous day. Whatever refreshes you to get back on track with your goals, do that.
  • YouTube Videos – Honestly, watching writing or reading vlogs gets me in a super productive and inspired mood so I recommend watching videos related to your goals! There are also lots of amazing videos talking about making and reaching goals, so type that into the search bar and watch a few!
  • Write Them Down Everywhere – I have my goal list on my phone and my notebook so that I wherever I am, I have them with me to refresh my mind and direct where I need to take my days.

Those are a few tips on how to stay on track with your goals, and I wish you the best of luck! Keep on working hard and good things will come, just don’t give up. Anyways, don’t forget to check out my last blog post and all my social media accounts which are linked below 🙂

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Tips for a Successful Readathon

Summer is a popular time for readathons so I thought it would be a great time to share some of my tips and tricks to have a fantastic and productive readathon. The summer session of the Biannual Bibliothon is only a few days away (July 14th – July 20th), and also the annual BookTubeAThon is coming up at the end of July, so it is the perfect time to get prepping for lots of reading.

Anyways, here is how to increase your reading quantity and quality wise!

  • Read in Sprints – Sometimes reading for long periods of time is hard, and you find yourself getting distracted easily. If that is the case, then maybe think about setting timers where you read for anywhere from 20 mins to an hour. I recommend not setting TOO short of sprints because it might be hard to immerse yourself in the world and story if you do not allow yourself enough time to read…so I recommend at the least, 20 mins each sprint but the more time the better!
  • Watch Readathon Vlogs! – There are so many readathon vlogs on YouTube for you to watch that will get you ready and motivated to read. Vlogs like readathons or just writing vlogs get me so inspired to be creative, and I am planning on making myself a playlist for upcoming readathons so I can always turn to it when I am lacking in motivation.
  • Choose Shorter Books – It’s smart to choose shorter books rather than long books during a readathon because obviously you will get through them quicker, but remember to read what you want! I usually pick books with a page count of 200-400ish pages. If I know I will LOVE it I don’t care about the page count, but I am a slowish reader so I like to go with books on the shorter side since I am trying to read as much as possible in the given amount of time.
  • Pick Books You Are Excited About – This seems obvious, but it is important to choose books YOU want to read. Yes, maybe there are some books on your shelf that you feel like you NEED to read, but if you don’t feel like reading them then just choose a book based on your gut feeling.
  • Schedule in Your Reading for the Day/Week/Months… – Depending on how long the readathon is, schedule ahead some reading time everyday. Don’t pressure yourself to read too much if you really don’t have the time, just fit in as much time as you can and feel capable doing…but don’t overdo it!

Those are some of my tips for a successful readathon, and I hoped you enjoy! Make sure you let me know if are participating in any readathons and what books you plan on reading because I would love to know 🙂

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How To: Read More

Lately I have been covering a lot of writing related topics, like how to write everyday and how to develop healthy writing habits, but it has been a while since I did a sort of “reading tips” post so here I am! I thought it would be helpful to give my personal reading tips on how to read more and quicker too and I hope they help.

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  • Audiobooks, Audiobooks, Audiobooks – Honestly, audiobooks are the best things ever, and while I realize they aren’t for everyone, I do recommend listening to them especially when you are falling behind in your reading. Lately I have only been listening to them when I walk to school and back, or just walking somewhere in general, but even those few minutes each day helps a LOT. I just started my re-read for Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier two days ago and am already about 120ish pages in (which is pretty good for me during the school week). I recommend listening to audiobooks you have physically read before if you have a hard time paying attention to them in general.
  • Read In Short Sprints – Like writing, reading in short sprints throughout the day will amount to more than you think. Maybe you are really busy during the day so try reading for a few minutes when you wake up, on your lunch break or any other break, and then another few minutes in the evening. Even if it isn’t a lot, it will be more than if you didn’t read at all.
  • DNF That Book You Can’t Seem to Finish – Maybe the reason you aren’t reading a lot is because you are reading a book that is just dragging you down and wasting your precious reading minutes. You don’t have to love every book, and don’t force to read something you don’t want to read.
  • Read Multiple Books At Once – Like the audiobook one, this one might not be your cup of tea. However, reading multiple books at once is a lot less daunting than it seems. I tend to read two or sometimes even more books at once (usually not planned) and I make sure I devote time to each time. Sometimes I will read one book in the morning and work through the other one later that day. Sometimes I will even devote entire days to different books. Try it out and if it doesn’t work, oh well!

Those are a few of my personal tips on how you can read more and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out the links below to more of my blog posts! Thanks 🙂

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5 Goals Every Writer Should Set + How to Stay Accountable

It is essential to have goals if you are a writer, especially if you plan on going somewhere with your writing. Most important though, it is essential to actually stick to those goals because otherwise you won’t find yourself where you want to be by the time the next year comes rolling around, and trust me, it will come a lot faster than anticipated. A lot of people make the mistake of setting these massive goals and then giving up two weeks into the new year, so today I will be sharing some of my personal ideas, goals and tips centered around creating and sticking to writing related goals!

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  1. Write Everyday – If you are a writer, you probably already write everyday. I know I do, even if it is not related to my fiction writing. Writing everyday includes writing a story, essay, blog post, or even a journal entry, really anything that relates to using your writing muscle. This is a really easy goal to make, and honestly it may be the easiest one to keep up with. Just set aside anywhere between ten minutes to even an hour in the morning, afternoon or evening and write in your journal or even a quick blog post. The point is, to be a writer, you have to actually write.
  2. Submit to At Least One Literary Magazine or Writing Contest – It amazes me how many people don’t take the opportunity to submit their work to literary magazines or writing contests, especially if it is completely free for you to do! Submitting your work to magazines is a great way to get your name and work out there and the writing world, and even possibly make some money off of the thing you love to do. If you need some recommendations for literary magazines to submit to, definitely check out my blog post where I share 10 literary magazines that are completely free to submit to!
  3. Read, Read, Read – This is an obvious one, but it is one that needs to be  enforced because sometimes we get so caught up with our writing that we forget to read. Reading helps motivate and inspire us to write, and is an essential ingredient to creating a story. Even if you are caught up in writing your own story, don’t forget to crack open a book even if it is just for 15 minutes a day.
  4. Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo/NaNoWriMo – Camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo give you the motivation (and excuse) to write during the month of July and November, and give you a reason to connect with other writers from around the world. Even if you do not reach the goal of 50k words in a month, as long as NaNoWriMo gets you to write something I see that as a huge success! So definitely add participating in Camp NaNoWriMo or NaNoWriMo to your goals for 2018 because it is such a fun and beneficial experience. it will amaze you how much of a manuscript you can get done in a short period of time.
  5. Connect With Other Writers – This had never been a goal of mine until this year, when I realized how important it is to connect with other writers. Writing is a lonely task, and if you have someone else to discuss writing with, it will make it less lonely. Also, by connecting with other writers you can share your work with each other, get feedback and learn how to give feedback too; all things that benefit and create a well-rounded writer!

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When it comes to staying accountable to your goals, it is important to one, create goals that are not too far out of reach, but just far enough to get you out of your comfort zone and two, create goals that you control the outcome of. By this I mean not writing down I resolve to win one writing contest this year…because while that would be amazing, you are not in control of who the judges choose. Instead, choose a broader goal like I resolve to enter one writing contest this year. Now that is something you can control. And finally third, create goals but also create a plan to achieve those goals. It is easy to write down I resolve to enter one writing contest this year, but how are you going to actually do this? Are you going to write everyday for two weeks before the contest? Are you going to start editing three days before? These are important things to think of when writing down your goals, and it will make them so much easier to achieve when you know exactly how you are going to do it.

Ways I stay accountable to my goals are by treating myself to a reward if I write everyday for a week, or accomplish a goal by submitting different pieces of work to a few literary magazines or writing contests. If you reward yourself, you will find yourself feeling more motivated to accomplishing the goals on your list. Another way I make sure I accomplish my goals, is by setting reminders on my phone because sometimes I honestly just forget. Sometimes I need that reminder to sit down and write for thirty minutes, or sometimes I forget that a writing contest deadline is coming up. Writing it down isn’t always enough.


Those are some goals every writer should set and also how to stay accountable. Hopefully this was somewhat helpful to you, and gave you some ideas of what goals you should set of yourself as a writer, but if you have some more goal ideas definitely leave them in the comments! If you liked this blog post please like it so I know to make more, and also don’t forget to check out my last blog post: 10 Literary Magazines To Submit To (NO FEES) 🙂

How to: Conquer That Reading/Writing Slump

I have done a few of these before, but not lately so I decided to make another since I am currently trudging through an AWFUL reading/writing slump. I feel like part of it is because school and just life is so hectic right now, but its times like these where I want to be reading and writing the most!

Tip #1: Don’t Feel Guilty

We all have slumps whether it comes to reading, writing or some other hobby of yours so don’t feel guilty about it. Accept that you are in a slump and realize you will eventually push through it.

Tip #2: Take Your Time

A lot of the times when I am in a slump, I force myself to read and write. Sometimes that is what breaks the slump, but other times its not. Try to push yourself to just sit down and read or write, or whatever, but if you aren’t feeling then don’t push yourself! You are supposed to be reading and writing because you love it.

Tip #3: Figure Out What Could Be the Origin of Your Slump

This sometimes help, but if I am really stressed or just have a lot on my mind, that is when I tend to fall into a slump the most. I am just so worried about so many other things that my mind won’t allow me to stop thinking about it. But if I figure out why that is happening, I can figure out why I am feeling that way, move past it and hopefully come out of that slump. Taking a walk a few times a week or listening to music can also help with this.

Tip #4: Write It Out

Writing in a journal, for whatever reason, can help. Even if you are not in a reading, or a writing slump, writing out the frustration you feel can help get rid of it. I know that whenever I finish writing in my journal, I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Tip #5: Read a Favourite Book of Yours

Again, this works for reading and writing slumps because reading a book you know you love can make you not only want to keep reading, but also start writing. It can inspire you to create your own story again!

Those are five quick tips to conquer a reading and writing slump and I hope you enjoyed. Also, sorry about not posting a blog post yesterday, I had a super intense soccer tournament for a few hours and just crashed afterwards!

How To: Read Lots of Books

Sometimes is hard to either motivate yourself or find the time to read. So with this post will inspire and give you some ideas on how you can read more!

  • Always Have a Book – Whether you are at school or on the bus, you always want to have a book on you because maybe you have a few minutes before the class starts, or the bus is late, that is great time to get some reading done! Not reading in those quick time slots is a waste of valuable reading time.
  • Read in Multiple Formats – By this, I mean eBooks, physical books and audiobooks. I prefer reading physical books, but sometimes they are too bulky to carry around everywhere so slipping my Tablet into my bag is easier. eBooks are also nice because it is darker outside you can still easily see the words on the page. Audiobooks are also great because you can listen to them while you are doing chores or walking. I love to multitask so eBooks are fantastic! You can buy them but I prefer getting them for free from the library.
  • Read What YOU Want – A lot of the time we can get caught up in what is hyped up or very popular right now and that makes us feel as if we are obligated to read that specific book whether we want to or not. Make sure you are reading something that you truly do want to read because it will make reading way better and easier than reading some book that you are forcing yourself to read. When reading books you actually enjoy, you fly through them quicker.

Those were 3 tips on how to read more books and I hope you enjoyed!

Tips on Starting a Blog

I have had my blog for a bit less than a year and it was honestly one of the best things I could have done! I have met and talked to so many great people and have also really enjoyed being able to share my love for books and writing. If you are thinking of starting a blog, then definitely read some helpful tips below!

Be Active – People don’t want to follow a blog that posts once a month, let alone once a week. Try being very active and post at least 3 times a week because that will show your commitment to the blog. I post 6x a week, despite my bust schedule, because I like posting a lot and providing lots of material for all of you!

Write with Quality – I do love to write, but I am not the best with writing down my thoughts in a clear way, hence why I do not write many reviews on books or movies. But if you write and then re read your work to look for any errors it definitely improves your work! Even including pictures or a little video or even a link will up the effort you put into your work.

Be Original – Nobody wants to read a blog post similar to one they have already read, so try and be original with your work. I like to come up with my own book tags, and I also like to write about things that I wish more people wrote about. Write what you want, but twist it to make it entirely your own.

Have fun! – Running a blog should be fun, especially if it is a hobby like it is for me. You should love what you put out and enjoy the overall essence of your site. I love to share my thoughts and opinions and what I am loving so I am glad I have been able to these past 10 months!

Those are all of my tips to starting your own blog and I hope you found it useful! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Writing Book Recommendations!

How To: Break the Reading Slump

A reading slump is a terrible thing that can frequently or occasionally happen to a reader…I made it sound like a disease but really, it is. Anyway, I don’t know about you but I detest reading slumps and I am currently in one right now so here are a few tips that will hopefully help you break your current or future reading slumps!

Push Away the Netflix – I watch Netflix pretty regularly but when I am on a reading slump that is all I do basically. When I am supposed to be reading I’m usually found binge watching the Vampire Diaries for the millionth time. So when this happens you just got to push the Netflix away and focus on reading, no matter how hard it may be. You can’t exactly read and watch at the same time…

Make Time for Reading – If you don’t make time for reading you are never going to pick up that book your struggling to finish. Plus if you don’t at least try to read you will not break your reading slump. I recommend making time to read an easy and fun book or just a book you know you love. Picking a book you love will make you more excited for reading because you know you are going to enjoy reading that book!

Turn Off Other Distractions – By this I mean turn off your phone, turn off your computer, turn off your iPad, tablet, really anything that can tempt you. You don’t want to be reading and then get a notification from YouTube and then end up binge watching different YouTube videos…that’s not going to progress you towards the end of your reading slump at all.

Don’t Force Yourself – This is a really important tip because reading is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and if you are not feeling that book then don’t read it because it to, is not going to help your reading slump. Make sure you are reading a book you like and are having a blast while reading!

I know those tips are pretty obvious but they are so true and sometimes people need a reminder about them! I hope this helped and don’t forget to check out my last post and comment if you have reading slumps frequently!

How To: Have a Good School Year

I know this is different from the usual book/TV related blog posts I do but for a lot of us school has or is going to start and it can be very stressful. So, in this blog post I hope to help ease a little of that stress off all of you so you can enjoy the school year! Hope it helps!

  1. Take breaks – School consists of a lot of mental power and hard work so it is extremely important to take breaks. Every week, take at least one afternoon after school for yourself. Just spend a few hours by yourself whether that is you binge watching your favourite TV series on Netflix, taking a long walk or reading. TIP: When studying, take a 5 minute break every 25 minutes and then on every third break take a 20 minute break. This will help your mental focus a lot!
  2. Be Involved – Get involved with your school! Join a sports team or a club, just anything that connects you more to your school. Trust me, it feels great to show that you are a part of your school because clubs and teams can introduce you to new friends and will take away some of the stress of school.
  3. Stay Positive – I always struggle with this step around halfway through the school year because by then, a lot of us are just done with school, people, and work. The important thing is to not focus on the negative aspects of school but the positive ones. That may be a class that you really enjoy, your friends, a club that you are in or just lunch time when you can relax. It is important to find the things you like in school and stick with those things.
  4. Write It Down – I love to write so I have been trying to do this lately in preparation for the school year. Writing down your day or your feelings everyday will take a weight off your shoulders and will just make you feel better. Sure, this step isn’t for everyone because some people can’t bring themselves to write in a journal but it will help for certain people!
  5. Be Organized – Staying organized is so important because it will just make the school year that much easier. By staying organized you won’t have any surprise tests, lost papers or anything that you don’t expect. Writing things down in a notebook or planner and keeping all loose papers in a binder will help bring your stress level down several notches. Trust me.

Those are 5 different steps/tips to help keep your school year stress free and easy! Trust me, if you follow at least one of these you are on the right track to a better, happier school year.