Why You Should Watch Gilmore Girls!

I did a post like this a week ago, but talking about 13 Reasons Why so I decided to do it again but with another show. I love Gilmore Girls (like most people), and the revival came out a couple months ago so I decided why not talk about it.

Gilmore Girls follows a young mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore who live a fun, movie and food filled life in a small town called Stars Hallow. This show is super relatable, quirky and fun and when you watch it you get hooked! Rory is such a smart and independent girl, which is something I definitely looked up to when I was younger. Lorelai is also a great example for really anyone as well because she is a younger mother who managed to raise a bright girl all on her own and run her own business which is pretty impressive if you ask me. Another reason you should watch this amazing show is because in the late 2016, they created a few new episodes after about ten years of the shows end. They were amazing, but you can only watch them if you finish all seven, wonderful seasons of Gilmore Girls so you better get started!

Gilmore Girls Book Tag!

Since the new episodes of Gilmore Girls came out today and because I am a huge fan, I decided to do the Gilmore Girls Book Tag that is usually done on YouTube!

Lorelai – A character with a witty or sarcastic sense of humor:

For this question I am going to pick Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan because Percy Jackson is the king of sass and sarcasm. He is very witty and humorous throughout the novel, especially to people he shouldn’t be, and is just a great character to follow throughout the books like Lorelai is in Gilmore Girls.

Rory – Favourite classic:

I don’t read many classics but I have started Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and really am enjoying it so I will go with that! Despite not having completed the book, I have seen several different adaptations of the novel and liked all of them.

Luke – A book you secretly love, but are afraid to admit:

I am not really afraid to admit my love for a book but there is a genre that I sometimes feel embarrassed at how much I love and that is contemporary. Not just like any contemporary books though, I love the cheesy and cliché ones just because I find them adorable. I read so many of them, probably more than the average person honestly and cannot get enough no matter how similar their plots all are…

Lane – A musical character:

There are quite a few musical characters but I am going to have to go with Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare because Simon is awesome. In the series, he plays in a band that can never decide on a name and I just love how Cassandra Clare always manages to keep talking about the band despite all the crazy stuff going on in their world.

Dean – Your first book love (a character or book you first loved):

My first chapter book series I fell in love with was Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan but before that I was obsessed with the Geronimo Stilton books so that will be my answer. I read Geronimo Stilton for about 2 years before moving onto more challenging books but I absolutely loved reading all of them. I wasn’t a huge reader when I read these but these were the only books someone could get me to read.

Sookie – A book you’ve devoured:

I have devoured many, many books in one sitting or one day but one that always comes to mind when I think of this is Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. When I got this book in the mail last October, I sat down and just read for hours and hours because I couldn’t get enough. Eleanor and Park is honestly a fantastic book that I think everyone should read and can read in one sitting.

Jess – A book you love that gets the most hate:

People don’t hate on these books but a lot of people have issues with this whole series but honestly, I love every single book in it and that is The Selection by Kiera Cass. I do see the flaws in these books but I don’t even care because I love the characters and the whole idea of these books so much.

Miss Patty – A book that was ruined by the hype:

This is a no brainer for me and that is Passengers by Alexandra Bracken. I bought this book just after it came out because I heard great things from everyone on social media. All the buzz about this book heightened my expectations but when I read it I could barley get through the first 200 pages. I will try to finish it one day but for now, the hype has ruined it for me.

Emily Gilmore – An expensive book:

Hands down Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the most expensive book on my shelf. I got it as a birthday present but it was almost $30 which is absolutely crazy. Especially after hearing all the mixed reviews I can’t believe it is that much. I haven’t gotten to it yet but in February I should start it.

Paris – An uptight character.

Katniss has a pretty good reason to be uptight, but she still is a hard person to like. She is a very protective person and will do anything for her sister and everyone else she loves, but that also leads her to not being a super fun and easy person to be around.

Those are my answers of the Gilmore Girls Book Tag and definitely comment if you too are obsessed with Gilmore Girls and are excited for the new episodes!




Fall TV Shows

This post isn’t really about new TV shows coming out in the fall, but just shows to watch during the fall! These shows either give off a really cozy feeling or a spooky and more creepier vibe that is perfect for October!

The Vampire Diaries – Okay, a lot of people think the Vampire Diaries is cheesy and while it is a tiny bit, it actually is a great TV show. I think its a good TV show to watch during the fall time, especially October because it has vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures that makes it eerie. If you like Twilight or Teen Wolf and you haven’t checked this show out yet you need to!

Gilmore Girls – Gilmore Girls is a feel good TV show that just makes you feel all cozy and comfy. Obviously it has a few Halloween episodes but just the whole show gives me a fall vibe. Even if it’s not fall you should still watch this TV show because it is amazing and very, very addicting!

Once Upon a Time – This show is definitely on the darker side of things. It is filled with fairy tales that intertwine and has characters that are so complex and just plain awesome! While watching this, you find yourself falling for the darker characters more often with the “good” characters.

Stranger Things – I actually just completed the first season and oh my god. This show is so creepy and eerie that I had to watch during the daytime, but I couldn’t stop watching it! People go missing, creatures come out of walls, and there is a fantastic cast of very talented young actors that really make the show as amazing as it is.

Those are a few TV recommendations and I hope you liked them! If you have any more don’t forget to comment 🙂

Top 5 Favourite TV Shows of 2016 (So Far)

It’s a bit halfway over the year so I decided to go over my top 5 favourite TV shows! All these shows are ones I started or continued this year and are ones that I loved the most. Don’t forget to check out my last post as well which is Camp NaNoWriMo Writing Tips #3

5. The Bachelorette – This is my guilty pleasure and honestly I could watch this show for days on end. It’s just so dramatic and funny and it makes my day watching this show. Cannot wait to see who wins this season because I have no idea!

4. Castle – Castle is a murder mystery show that I have adored for several years and I was so sad when they announced season 8 was going to be there last season (which is the season that aired this year) I just love all of the episodes and the cast is amazing and hilarious and I will forever love this show.

3. Gilmore Girls – I only started watching this show this year and I fell in love with it with the first episode! Right now I am on season 6 and its a bit slow but I am hoping to get back to it before the new episodes come back which I am so pumped for! If you haven’t watching Gilmore Girls…do it!!!

2. The Vampire Diaries – I am currently obsessed with show…again. I watched it a few years ago but got bored around season 2 but I gave it a second try this year and BAM! I am sucked into the world of the Vampire Diaries and I cannot seem to get out.

Annnnnd 1. The 100 – I loooove this show, and I need season 4 ASAP. How season 3 ended…well lets just say that was NOT nice of the creators. This show is just so action packed and keeps you on your toes with every episode. Go watch it right now if you haven’t and while the first few episodes are a bit slow, you will not regret it!

Those are my top 5 favourite TV shows at the moment during 2016 in order, and I really hope if you guys haven’t checked any of these out please do! Don’t forget to comment your favourite TV shows!

TV Show Recommendations

I have been watching a lot of Netflix lately so I decided to give you guys some TV show recommendations that you have to watch. Most of these are pretty popular so there is a good chance you have heard of them already but I am here to motivate you to watch them!!!

The 100 is a fantastic TV show that takes place 100 years after the Earth became radiating by mankind and now, people are living in space. In the show, you follow 100 prisoners as they are sent to the ground to see if it is survivable and a whole bunch of crap goes down and it is amazing. Season 3 is ending this week I believe so you will be able to binge watch it for quite a while! The first few episodes are bit slow for some people but the TV series just gets so much better with every season.

Gilmore Girls is such an amazing TV show  from the early 2000’s about a mother and a daughter and their lives. To some it may sound boring but they are such hilarious characters and the show is extremely addicting. I am currently watching this and I am almost on season 5 and I cannot stop watching it. Another reason to watch this show is because the revival is coming out this fall!

The Mindy Project is so hilarious and entertaining that I think my life would have boring without it. The Mindy Project is about a girl named Mindy (obviously) that thinks life is like a movie and she is always looking for “the one”. This TV show makes my day and I am waiting for season 5 to come on Netflix so I can continue on.

How to Get Away With Murder is so addicting and cool! I won’t give away the plot to much but I think the title says a lot…this TV show is just so messed up (in a good way) and so are the characters that it is just so interesting to watch and you need to find out what happens next! Netflix needs to hurry up and add season 2 so I can be happy again.

Castle is a murder/mystery TV show that is probably one of my all time favourite series. It follows Richard Castle, a mystery writer who joins the NYPD to get info for his book but soon ends up becoming their partner. The humor is amazing in this show and all the episodes are so entertaining to watch. The show is almost done their eight season but sadly they will not be continuing with a ninth which makes me so, so sad but you still got to watch this TV show.