Reading + Writing Goals – May + June 2018

It is that time again already where I go over everything I accomplished in March and April, and then what I hope to accomplish in May and June. March and April were actually very productive months and I am incredibly proud of what I got done, so fingers crossed the next two months will be the same!

For March and April I had a total of 7 goals and if you want to see what they were check out that blog post here but out of of those 7, I accomplished 6! The only one I didn’t accomplish was to read ten books but you know what, sometimes you just can’t read all the books!

May + June Goals:

  • Read 8 Books – Since 10 was a little too much, I thought I would bring it down a bit. However, I think this will still be a challenge considering May and June are extremely busy months school wise. I have high hopes though!
  • Get Accepted into My Universities uStart Program for Writing – This is a program that allows you to take a university level course during your grade 12 year, and has been something I really wanted to do for a while now. If I get accepted, I would be taking Writing 100, so fingers crossed it will happen! I don’t usually write down goals that I can’t control the outcome of, but I am making an acception for this one.
  • Finish Draft 1 of WIP by May 31 – I am currently halfway through my WIP, so I am almost positive I can get this done. That is, unless I decide to continue being lazy and NOT write.
  • Submit to 3 Writing Contests – This was the number (I think) I submitted to in the last few months, so I am sure I will easily be able to do it again. There are a lot of writing contests that are catching my eye for the next two months, so hopefully I have enough time and inspiration to pump out a few stories for them!
  • Submit to 1 Literary Magazine – Again, I submitted to 1 literary magazine last time, so I am sure I will be able to do it again!
  • Prep for Editing WIP – This is definitely one of my most important goals because my first drafts are always so random and bare that I need to fill in a LOT of things during the next write. In June, while I am taking my break from writing, I need to just sit down and get all my new thoughts down so I can write an even better second draft.

That is all for this post and I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to comment some of your monthly goals that you want to achieve, and also check out my last blog post and follow me on social media 🙂

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Reading + Writing Goals – March + April 2018

So I made a blog post for my January and February goals back in January, and while I said I was going to recap them when I got around to writing my March and April goals, I’m just going to pretend I never said that. Basically the first two months of 2018 were fails for the goals I set because I set goals that were way out of reach. I wouldn’t say the months were unsuccessful because I did accomplish some things, but overall it was a flop on my goals. Anyways, now I know what kind of goals to set for myself so I made a list of my March and April goals that are ambitious but not too ambitious!

March + April Goals:

  • Finish my Creative Writing 12 by March 16
  • Write + publish 30 blog posts
  • Submit to 3 short story contests
  • Submit to 1 literary magazine
  • Finish outlining novel
  • Write 40,000 words during Camp NaNoWriMo in April
  • Read 10 books

These goals are much more reachable than my past goals, and I am already chugging along to completing some of them already! Fingers crossed though that my wrap up on these goals in May is way more successful than January and February, but honestly no month could be as lazy as them!

Anyways that is all for my reading and writing goals for the months of March and April, and I hope you enjoyed. Make sure you comment some goals you have for the coming months, and also check out my last blog post: Prepping for Camp NaNoWriMo #2

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