How to: Conquer That Reading/Writing Slump

I have done a few of these before, but not lately so I decided to make another since I am currently trudging through an AWFUL reading/writing slump. I feel like part of it is because school and just life is so hectic right now, but its times like these where I want to be reading and writing the most!

Tip #1: Don’t Feel Guilty

We all have slumps whether it comes to reading, writing or some other hobby of yours so don’t feel guilty about it. Accept that you are in a slump and realize you will eventually push through it.

Tip #2: Take Your Time

A lot of the times when I am in a slump, I force myself to read and write. Sometimes that is what breaks the slump, but other times its not. Try to push yourself to just sit down and read or write, or whatever, but if you aren’t feeling then don’t push yourself! You are supposed to be reading and writing because you love it.

Tip #3: Figure Out What Could Be the Origin of Your Slump

This sometimes help, but if I am really stressed or just have a lot on my mind, that is when I tend to fall into a slump the most. I am just so worried about so many other things that my mind won’t allow me to stop thinking about it. But if I figure out why that is happening, I can figure out why I am feeling that way, move past it and hopefully come out of that slump. Taking a walk a few times a week or listening to music can also help with this.

Tip #4: Write It Out

Writing in a journal, for whatever reason, can help. Even if you are not in a reading, or a writing slump, writing out the frustration you feel can help get rid of it. I know that whenever I finish writing in my journal, I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Tip #5: Read a Favourite Book of Yours

Again, this works for reading and writing slumps because reading a book you know you love can make you not only want to keep reading, but also start writing. It can inspire you to create your own story again!

Those are five quick tips to conquer a reading and writing slump and I hope you enjoyed. Also, sorry about not posting a blog post yesterday, I had a super intense soccer tournament for a few hours and just crashed afterwards!

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