Zoe Mathers is a young, Canadian writer, reader and blogger. Blog posts come out every Monday, Thursday, and the occasional Sunday on a variety of topics. Through them, she shares writing advice that she has learned over the years of writing, as well as her favourite books and movies.

Writing as been a part of Zoe’s life since she was thirteen, and since then she has accomplished a series of achievements. At age thirteen, one of her first short stories called the “The Night Wolf” was given an honourable mention by Polar Expressions Publishing company and was published in their summer 2015 anthology, “The Chance”. Since then, she has received an honourable mention from L. Ron Hubbard’s “Writers of the Future” writing contest, for her short story, “The Necklace of Dreams” in 2016 when she was fifteen years old. Most recently in October of 2017, her short story, “The Black King”, was chosen as a winner for one of the Surrey International Writers’ Conference Tan Seagull Scholarships for young writers.

Zoe loves connecting with other writers, readers and bloggers from around the world. You can reach her through her blog comments because she always responds quickly, and also with the contact info below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and she hopes you enjoy her blog as much as she did making it.

Contact Info:

Twitter: @zoermathers

Email: zoermathers@gmail.com


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  1. Hey, I just realized that I am following you on instagram! Huh. Anyways, I was wondering if you’d be interested in participating in a small project that I am doing. I wanted to ask a bunch of bloggers (49, to be exact :p), to give me one of their favorite book quotes. I’m going to compile them all in one post and then post it on my blog on the 22nd of this month. It’d be fantastic if you would be a part of this. Just let me know by this Sunday, please, so that I have plenty of time to compile and/or ask someone else. Thank you!
    P.S. You are the 25th blogger to be asked!


  2. Hey Zoe! Can I interest you in my audiobook? It’s about a struggling artist who gets a lifetime commission, but discovers his perfect patron has ulterior motives. It’s very different, it’s very fun, it’s very free. My wordpress site has all the details.

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