10 Winter Writing Prompts!

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Winter is a magical season and is filled with endless amount of possibility…especially when it comes to writing! I personally love writing a snowy setting because it makes the story feel cozy and fluffy, so in anticipation for winter, here are a few writing prompts to not only get you excited about winter, but writing!

  • Write about the sound of winter
  • A thin layer of frost covers the lands at the beginning of June…it is the first snowfall in a thousand years
  • Write about Santa Claus…but he steals instead of giving presents
  • You are lost in the middle of nowhere and it is the middle of winter…suddenly a train is in the distance
  • While ice skating the ice cracks and you fall in…instead of hitting water you end up in a different dimension
  • Write about the history of a special Christmas ornament
  • Write about the first snowfall of the year…describe how it feels, smells, taste, looks…
  • Write about a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree
  • Your plane gets cancelled due to a blizzard warning…while waiting at the airport you meet a mysterious stranger
  • What is your favourite part about the winter? Christmas, snow, hot chocolate, Christmas movies???

Those are all the winter/Christmas themed prompts I have for you and I hope you enjoyed it and feel inspired to write! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post too: Reading Update!

Reading Update!

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Yesterday I finished reading I See London I See France by Sarah Mlynowski, and it was the perfect book for me to read right now. I am feeling the stress of school for sure, and this was the perfect light hearted, adventurous contemporary to pick up. It follows two best friends, Sydney and Leela who decide to travel around Europe for four and a half weeks, but when Leela’s ex boyfriend, Matt and his friend Jackson end up on the same flight, plans change. This book made me really want to travel and made me grin from ear to ear from its cheesy cuteness! However, since I finished it, I am having trouble deciding what to read next…I want to read Hush, Hush, but I also want to re read Lady Midnight and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone…I am leaning towards Harry Potter because I feel like it is made an obligation to pick them up during the winter time, but I just don’t know! Anyways, by the time this blog post goes up (it is currently Saturday night), I will probably have chosen my next read and at this moment I feel like it may be Harry Potter…

That is all for my reading update and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Classic Movie Recommendations!

Classic Movie Recommendations!

This year I am taking a film studies class where we watch films from all time periods and genres and because of it, I have absolutely fallen in love with old films. Since I have been exposed to more diverse movies, I really wanted to make a post appreciating and recommending some films that if you haven’t watched, you really should! If you are skeptical about older films because you think they might not be for you, check one of these out and it may change your mind ūüôā

Rear Window 

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This is definitely one of my favourite movies ever, and was one that I watched pretty early on in my class. It is film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and follows a professional photographer who breaks his leg and is wheelchair bound because of it, forced to spend days locked in his apartment. While watching out his window one day, he witnesses what he believes is a murder committed by the man across from him, and gets his girlfriend, Lisa to help investigate this possibly dangerous man. While this movie takes place in one location, it is a masterpiece of cinema that completely gripped me from beginning to end! A number one recommendation for sure.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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Audrey Hepburn has been a favourite actress of mine for a while, and this is one of my favourite films of hers! While she is amazing in all of the films she stars in, Breakfast at Tiffany’s has a charming feel to it that you can’t help but adore. This film follows a young woman in New York who is in search of an older and rich man to marry to help her brother who is in the army. However, there is a spark between her and a young¬† struggling writer who moves into the apartment above her, and they form a strange friendship. Such a feel good movie that will leave you with a funny smile on your face!

Sunset Boulevard

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At first, I was hesitant about saying I liked this movie, but now I can say that despite all of its strangeness, I really did enjoy this movie! Sunset Boulevard follows a striving screenwriter who is taken into the home of a forgotten silent film actress to work on a script of her life story. Along the way she falls madly in love with him, but he can’t reciprocate those feelings as he has them for somebody else. I enjoyed the concept of this story and would recommend it because its ending…that was an iconic cinematic ending!

Roman Holiday  

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A classic that I am sure you have all heard of, but may have not seen…if that is the case then go watch it. Now! This may have been the first classic film I saw…if not at least the first I remember watching. I wasn’t completely taken with it at first, and had to watch it over the course of three days, but a few months later I rewatched it and loved it! It is another Audrey Hepburn movie, who co-stars with Gregory Peck to deliver a beautiful romance movie! Roman Holiday follows princess Ann who takes off for a night in Rome, wanting to shed her suffocating responsibilities as a princess. Along the way she meets a news reporter who finds her on a park bench, asleep from a sedative given to her by her doctor. He takes her back to his apartment to keep her safe, and soon realizes who she is. He sees this as an opportunity to make some money, but he soon develops feelings for her as they adventure around Rome together. A favourite of mine, and it will definitely captivate you!

The General 

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This is a silent film with one of my favourite actors, Buster Keaton. At first I wasn’t taken by silent films, but Buster Keaton is so entertaining and hilarious you barely notice there are no words! The General follows a train engineer who wants his girlfriend’s hand in marriage, but one day she is kidnapped when the train she is in is stolen by Northern forces. Buster then goes off after the train in a desperate attempt to save her, and it makes for an interesting story. This was such a fantastic movie, and I am pretty sure you can watch it on YouTube for free because it is from the 20’s, so you have no excuse not to watch it!

Those are a few recommendations and I hope you enjoyed and feel inspire to watch some of these. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: November 2017 Wrap Up!

November 2017 Wrap Up!

November was a much better reading month for me than the other past few months. I still only read a total of 4 books, all of them re reads as well, but that is double what I read in October so yay me! Hopefully December will be even better, but for now here are the books I managed to read in the month of November.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare 

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I realized that while I have religiously re read all of Cassandra Clare’s other books, I have never re read The Infernal Devices trilogy which is insane! So I re read the first book and forgot how much I enjoyed this time period in London and the characters. Clockwork Angel follows Tessa Gray, who after the death of her aunt sails to London to visit her brother, only to be kidnapped by two sisters who call themselves the “Dark Sisters”. Eventually she is saved by a young man who claims to be part of an ancient race of humans and angels called “Shadowhunters”, and she is tossed into their crazy, upside down world which she turns out to be more a part of then she originally thought. This Shadowhunter world that Cassandra Clare has created is so interesting and complex and I adore every book that she comes out with that is set in it, including this trilogy!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, P.S. I Still Love You, and Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

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Early in the month of November, I had been in the mood for something fun and upbeat because the days were getting darker and school was really hard. Basically I was looking for an escape, so I decided to pick up and re read one of my favourite books, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. This book follows a girl named Lara Jean who keeps love letters she has written to boys safe and hidden in a hatbox given to her by her mother, but one day those letters are mysteriously sent out and everything she has written in those love letters suddenly becomes reality rather than imaginary. The other two books in this series are just as quirky and fluffy as the first one, and I cannot express how much I recommend this series! Also, the movie has been filmed and will be coming out sometime in the 2018 and I absolutely cannot wait!

Those are all the books I read in the month of November, and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading/Writing Update!

Reading/Writing Update!


It is December, which means a lot more reading time! I am so excited to get through my TBR, and I am pretty proud of what I have gotten read so far. My current read is The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, a summer contemporary I have mentioned quite a bit on my blog, and I am just over halfway done. Since it is such a short and fun read, I plan on finishing the rest today and then jumping into the second book, It’s Not Summer Without You. Usually I prefer to read fantasy during the winter, but for the last few months I have been in a contemporary kick and it doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon. I did put a few fantasy and darker books on my TBR for December though, so hopefully I will get to those this month as well.

Friday was hectic day because it was the last day to enter an essay contest I had been prepping for for the last two weeks. I do regret putting off the actual writing part for so long, because I was racing against the clock and ended up submitting it only thirty minutes before the deadline…however I do think I produce better content when on a tight deadline and I was really proud with my finished product! I don’t think I will win, but it was nice writing out of my comfort zone and writing an essay rather than a fiction piece.

That is all for my reading and writing update, and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: December 2017 TBR!

December 2017 TBR!

November was a busy and stressful month…not only did I give up on NaNoWriMo half way through but it was also hard to read. However, I did read a good number of books and I hoping I can read even more this coming month!

The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You & We’ll Always Have the Summer by Jenny Han¬†

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Re reading the Lara Jean trilogy really made me want so more of Jenny Han’s fun writing, as well as some easy, fluffy contemporaries. So, I am re reading her other trilogy and I am so excited! These books follow our main character, Belly, who returns to the small seaside town of Cousins where she shares a summer house with her mother’s best friend and her two sons, Jeremiah and Conrad. This book is filled with romance and summer fun, which is perfect because I really need a bright book like this as the days become shorter and darker.

Lord of the Flies by William Golding 

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Currently I am reading this book for English class so I thought I would throw it onto the TBR for December. I am over half way done and it is…definitely interesting and I am curious to see how things wrap up as I near the end. Lord of the Flies is a classic, and is about a group of English school boys who are fleeing England because of World War II, only to have their plane shot down and they end up on an abandoned, “paradise-like” island. As always, I am sure I would enjoy this book a lot more if it wasn’t required reading for school, but I am really happy to finally be reading it!

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick 


I put this on my TBR a few months ago but never got around to picking it up. Hopefully since winter break is approaching, I will finally sit down and read this because I have a feeling I will fly through this book. All I know is that it has fallen angels and a romance…but honestly that is good enough for me! I haven’t read an angel book in a long time so it will be interesting to see how much I like them now.

Those are a few books I want to read in the month of December and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: December 2017 Talk!



December 2017 Talk!

While there are not any books I am particularly interested in that are coming out in December, there are a few movies I am looking forward to and here they are!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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When Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out a few years ago, I went and saw it with my grade and while I am not a massive Star Wars fan, I did really enjoy it! It was fun and action packed and had strong characters that I admired. While I am looking forward to it, I doubt that I will go to see this in theaters, but once it comes on Netflix I will definitely watch it! December 15

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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As a kid, Jumanji always terrified me for some odd reason, yet I loved watching it. Now they have a remake coming out with the Rock and Jack Black and while I am skeptical, I am also intrigued to see how it turns out. This is another one I probably won’t be watching in theaters but will when it comes on Netflix. Although since it has Jack Black in it I am sure it will be hilarious and entertaining!¬†December 20

Pitch Perfect 3

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Pitch Perfect is an absolutely fantastic movie that I have watched over and over and over because of how funny and relatable it is. Pitch Perfect 2 was also good, not as great as Pitch Perfect but still entertaining. Now the third one is coming out and I am excited but also hesitant…I am worried that the story is going to feel overplayed in this movie but still, I really want to see because of how loyal I am to the franchise. This is one that I most likely will go see and theaters and I cannot wait!¬†December 21

Those are 3 movies I am looking forward to in the month of December and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: NaNoWriMo 2017 Week 4: Keeping Yourself Interested.

NaNoWriMo 2017 Week 4: Keeping Yourself Interested

It is week 4 of NaNoWriMo which is absolute insanity! Since it is week 4 though, I am sure a lot of you may be feeling a little lost with your project as we start on the journey of drawing them to a close. However, there are a few things you can do to spice up your writing and get yourself excited to keep writing your story!

  • Plot Twists! – An overload of plot twists takes the fun and thrill out of them, but scattering one or maybe even two makes for an exciting book; not only for the reader but for you as the writer too! Surprise yourself with a plot twist, or finally write the one you planned at the beginning of the month and are dying to get to. It may surprise you how much it reignites your writing flame.
  • Reading Your Favourite Book – Most writers want to write because of their favourite authors. They inspire us to be like them; successful storytellers. I know that when I read my favourite book, or just a book that I really admire or connect to writing style wise, I get the writing itch. Just reading the book inspires me to write my own, and is a great way to get myself back into writing.
  • Changing Your Plan – Sometimes the simplest way to keep yourself interested in your story is to change the path of it. I am not saying change a massive portion of your book, but maybe throw in an unexpected obstacle or even kill someone off! Whatever it is that changes the pace of your story and surprises you, because once you surprise yourself in your story, you will leave yourself wanting more!

Writing Resources:

NaNoWriMo YouTube Channel



That is all for my NaNoWriMo tip post for this week and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading/Writing Update!

Reading/Writing Update!


Okay so let’s start off with some good news…I read 2 books this week! I decided I needed a break from fantasy and decided to pick up and re read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. This is one of my favourite books, and favourite trilogies, and I picked it up because I was really in need of reading a light hearted and fluffy novel. I started it on Wednesday and since then have already finished the first two books. Now I am re reading the third and final installment and I haven’t actually re read this one yet. This will be the first re read which makes me excited because I forget what happens exactly. Anyways, I love these books and Jenny Han’s writing so I know that this was the right choice. Hopefully I will finish Always and Forever, Lara Jean today and after that I am not entirely sure what I will pick up next…but we will see!


Now for NaNoWriMo…so I am at about 18,000 words and I will sadly not be continuing with it. It has been so hard for me to not find time to write, but find the motivation to write because just after writing a few hundred words, I would feel drained. I decided it would be best for me not to continue on with NaNoWriMo, because I also do not feel like my story is “novel ready”. I need to let it mull around in my head for a bit before I write it down on paper, and honestly, I have no idea when that will be. However, I am still writing. I am still writing short stories, and even some essays which I haven’t done much for my own enjoyment. Anyways, I hope that all of your NaNoWriMo journeys are going well but if not, don’t worry because you are not alone!

That is all for my reading and writing update and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Writing Goals for

Writing Goals for 2018!

Before I never used to make writing goals, but this past year I realized how crucial it was to make them so I had a clear path on what I want to do with my writing and how I will get there. These goals are listed in potential chronological order, but obviously unexpected things happen so its more in the order I want them to happen. Anyways, hopefully this will inspire you to make some writing goals for yourself because they help so much!

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  1. Finish Creative Writing 12

I am currently in grade 11, but really wanted to take this class this year because of my school situation for next year (which I will be taking about more in one of my later goals). I also wanted to become better in the craft of writing and have some insight from a creative writing teacher. This is a course I am taking online, but so far I am having a lot of fun with it and know I will be able to easily finish it in the next five months.

2. Get Accepted into UStart for Writing

UStart is this amazing program that most universities/colleges have, or they call it “dual credit” and is a way for students in grade 12 to experience the university life and get a head start. The university I want to go to offers this, and if I get accepted, it will allow me to take my first year of writing! This would be a huge step for me and is a goal I really, really need to accomplish.

3. Learn the Basics of Poetry, Script Writing, Screen Writing and Creative Non-Fiction

Regardless of whether or not I get to start my writing degree a year early, the first year of writing focuses on the five main directions of writing. Out of these five, I am only comfortable and familiar with one, and that is obviously fiction. However, I would really to broaden my horizons and learn the basics for these styles so I am not completely lost when it comes to Intro to Writing. It will also just overall, make me a better writer!

4. Submit to At Least 2 Writing Contests

I love entering writing contests, and have won my fair share. Ever since I was thirteen I have been building up my writing portfolio and the more contests I submit to, the more chances I have at making that portfolio better! Writing contests are also a great way to learn from mistakes and grow as a better writing because of that.

5. Submit to At Least 1 Literary Magazine

Literary magazines are also amazing to submit to, because as I said about writing contests, it builds up your portfolio if your story gets published! Hopefully I will be able to submit to more than one, but I always forget how long it can take to craft a story I am very proud of.

6. Apply to the Tan Seagull Scholarship

This scholarship is a scholarship that allows me to attend my (kind of) local writing conference for free. I submitted to it last year and got accepted and was able to attend, and since I am still young and eligible for it, I want to take advantage of it while I can. Writing conferences are amazing if you can afford it, and I always leave feeling like I learned so many new things.

7. Prep for Writing Scholarships

I am a very…prepared person when it comes to my education and because of that, I already have a few writing focused scholarships I want to apply for this year. They include thick portfolios that display my best work, so I need ALL the time I can to prepare for them. As you can probably see from my goals, I am a very ambitious and eager writer which can be good, but also bad at times!

Those are my 7 writing goals and while they are going to take a lot of hard work, I have no doubt I can achieve most of them. Don’t forget to comment below any writing goals you have for yourself for the new year, and also check out my last blog post: NaNoWriMo 2017 Week 3: Tips for Staying On Track!