Top 5 Favourite Book-to-Movie Adaptations

I love to watch movies but I would have to say that book-to-movie adaptations are my favourite to watch and luckily there are a lot out there but I managed to cut it down to my top 5 favourite! (These are not in any particular orde and some of these movies I have not read the books off…)

Catching Fire is the second movie in the Hunger Games series and this was my favourite of the 4 but I pretty much like Mockingjay part 2 almost as much as I like Catching Fire. In Catching Fire, we watch as the victors from previous games get reaped to go to a special quarter quell which includes Katniss and Peeta but there is a bigger plan behind the games this time. I really loved this movie and I gave it 9/10 stars.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth movie in the Harry Potter series and I am like almost positive it is my favourite out of the 6…I just really enjoy watching it and I think it does justice to the book just like all the other Harry Potter movies. I would probably also give it a 9/10 stars!

If I Stay is a single movie but it is in a duology of books written by Gayle Forman. I have to say this is one of my favourite “romantic” movies just because its fun and heart wrenching and I always find myself watching it! 9/10 stars.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is such a fantastic movie and it plays with my emotions so easily! The actors in it are amazing and just everything about the movie is perfect, especially the romance that takes place between the 2 characters considering they actually were dating! 9/10 stars.

Perks of Being a Wallflower is probably one of my ultimate favourites out of this list because it is just amazing. I don’t even know what else to say…it has Logan Lerman and Emma Watson so of course it is going to be fantastic but the story behind the movie is just so touching and I really did cry during this movie…9.5/10 stars.

Okay! Those are my top 5 favourite book-to-movie adaptions so comment yours below 🙂



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