Tips for Book Buying

For all you book buyers out there you know books are not cheap. A single hardcover book can be $20 which is a lot for one book. Here are some of my tips for a book lover to save money.

Used Book Stores – I used to always by my books brand new but I didn’t realize that there are some great second hand book stores out there. Yes I still buy new releases brand new but that’s once in a while. Now that I buy a majority of my books used, I save a huge chunk of money and the books are still in great condition.

Libraries – Libraries are a free way of reading books and you can always come back and take the book out again whenever. Yes, you may not be able to keep the book but still, it is a free way to read books so who is complaining?

Friends – Some people don’t like lending out books because they can get ruined but I personally love lending my friends books if it will help them get into reading. Yeah, I do expect them to return the book in the condition I gave them it otherwise I won’t be happy but that hasn’t happened yet.

eBooks – A lot of eBooks are cheaper than an actual book which will definitely help you save money. I would rather read a physical book but I do like having some books on my tablet in case I forget a book because they are really handy to have. I got Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout for only $2 on playbooks!

So those are some ideas on how to save money when book shopping! Hope they helped ๐Ÿ™‚


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