80’s + 90’s Movie Recommendations!

I have been devouring movies from the 80’s + 90’s lately, and while most of these are the typical teen romance movies, I threw in some different genres as well. If you also love these kind of movies, definitely check these out if you haven’t because they are fantastic!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

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I personally really enjoy this movie and watched it when I was only eleven years old…but yeah it is a good horror movie and is a favourite horror movie of mine from the 80’s! A Nightmare on Elm Street follows several teenagers who are victims to “Freddy Krueger”, a serial killer that kills people in their dreams. It is very dramatic but I enjoyed it when I was eleven and I still like it now. 1984

Sixteen Candles

This was a very recent watch for me as it finally came on Netflix, but I had always wanted to watch it and was not disappointed! Sixteen Candles is a teen romance movie about a girl named Samantha who’s sixteenth birthday is overshadowed by her older sister’s wedding, but not only that, she has to go to school as well, where she pines after a taken senior named Jake Ryan. This movie is full of laughs and awkward moments that perfectly embody what it is like being a high school student! Some movies gloss high school over but this one (for the most part) shows that it is not perfect and that we all have our awkward moments. 1984

The Breakfast Club

Surprised to see this on my list? Probably not as it is a classic, and a movie that not only teenagers, but everyone should watch! The Breakfast Club is a drama/comedy that follows five high school students who have to sit through a full day of detention for different reasons. These students come from completely different worlds, yet by the end of the day, they form a unique friendship. Just thinking of this movie makes me want to watch it again because it was so good! 1985

Home Alone

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Home Alone is a movie I have been watching ever since I was a little kid, and I still watch it every Christmas to this day! It is a movie for the whole family and has humor that everyone gets. Home Alone follows a boy named Kevin who is part of a very big family, and is often forgotten. So when his family accidentally leaves him behind as they depart on their vacation, he is left home alone. While home alone, two robbers try and break into his house, and he has to defend it until his parents get home. This movie is so hilarious and entertaining, and is another must see! 1990

Jurassic Park

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I love watching Jurassic Park and seeing how different its animations are compared to today. There is a lot of fake looking dinosaurs and props, but once you get past that it is actually a decent movie that almost anyone can enjoy. Jurassic Park follows a group of people that get trapped on a dinosaur island theme park with real live, wild dinosaurs roaming loose. They have even made a newer movie of this called Jurassic World which is also pretty good, but you have to watch the classics before watching the new ones! 1993


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This is another teen romance film that is a favourite of mine. In Clueless, our main character is the shallow and rich, Cher who decides to give the klutzy new girl, Tai, a makeover. There is also a cute romance and a lot of realization that maybe money and being popular isn’t everything. Clueless is a lot like Mean Girls so if you like Mean Girls then check out Clueless because in my opinion, it is just as good! 1995


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Another classic that had to be on this list. I am astounded whenever I meet someone who hasn’t seen Titanic because it is high up there on my list of favourite movies. Not only is this movie centered around romance, but towards the end a lot of action happens that keeps you on your toes during this 3 hour long movie. I feel silly explaining this movie but if you didn’t know, Titanic tells the events of the sinking of the Titanic in the 1920’s, and follows two lover named Jack and Rose. They fall in love quickly after Jack saves Rose, but when the ship crashes into an ice berg and starts sinking, they race to survive along with the other passengers. Love this movie and it is a must see for everyone! 1997



Drive Me Crazy

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I discovered this movie through Netflix and really loved it! It is a cute teen romantic comedy that follows our two main characters who come from two different social worlds. Nicole and Chase are next door neighbors and while Nicole is popular, Chase is not, yet the two come together to plan a scheme to fake date each other in order to make their romantic interests jealous. Things end up not working in the way they originally thought, and they wonder if the person they thought they wanted is who they still want. This movie is so cute and fast paced and I loved it! 1999

10 Things I Hate About You

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Another teen drama film but ugh, this one had me laughing and swooning the whole time. I love one of our main characters, Kat, who is very independent and headstrong and even a little scary at time, but she is a very good role model for girls because she doesn’t take anything from anyone! I am really bad at describing this movie, but basically it is about these two sisters, Bianca, who gets all the boys and Kat who does not, and their father forbids them to date. But after a lot of begging from Bianca to be able to date, he decides that Bianca can date once Kat does, and two boys under Bianca’s spell search for a boy that could handle Kat so they can take her out. This movie is so hilarious and entertaining, and you cannot help but love it. 1999

Those are a couple recommendations of movies from the 80’s and 90’s and if you haven’t watched them, definitely check them out because they are all great. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading Update!





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