Writing Tips: Characters

In this blog post I put together some tips I have discovered about characters because when writing, characters are very important. They add so much to your story and without them, or good ones, the story can slump. Hope these help!

Desire – When writing a protagonist it is important to remember this step because the protagonist of a story needs to want something. If they don’t have the desire to save their sister from a group of bandits or uncover an antidote for a certain virus that is wiping out the world then why is that character there? It is also important to remember that side characters should desire something as well.

Good or Evil – When it comes to writing a main character a question that probably occurs to you is are they good or evil? Writing a pure good character or a solid evil character is unrealistic because we all have good and bad in us and that is important to remember. So, when you are faced with that question don’t say just good or evil but both. Maybe their intentions are good but sometimes they steal and lie and cheat to achieve that “good” goal. Or the other way around.

Flaws – Flaws are huge when writing a character because if your character has no flaws then readers are going to have a hard time relating to that character on any level. The flaws don’t have to be massive but having a character with acne or a knack of making rash decisions is good enough. It shows that they are human (unless your character is not human and if so, they should still have flaws) and that nobody is perfect.

Those are 3 very important tips that I have gathered from writing books and videos so I hope these helped!



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