Reading Routine

We all have our night and morning routines but some of us also have our reading routines so I decided to share that with you guys today! It’s not anything weird or different but this is just how I like to prepare myself before I let myself be whisked away to the world of whatever book I am reading.

It’s usually around eight thirty at night when I start thinking about going to sleep, and even then that’s a few hours away. I will do the usual stuff like get in my pyjama’s and brush my teeth but then I will make some tea (usually green tea even though I don’t even like it that much…) and then either pick out a book to start or continue with the one I am currently reading. If I am picking out a new one I usually inspect my shelf for a few minutes before I even figure out what genre I am in the mood to read. Right now specifically, I am into fantasy like Sarah J Maas’s books or Harry Potter but other times I am in the mood for light contemporaries or really anything else. Once I’ve picked out my book and finished getting ready for bed it is usually nine thirty so I will hop into bed and start reading! If it is a book I like I will read anywhere from 50-150 pages and stay up until past eleven but if it is a slower book I will read anywhere from 20-60 pages…Again, if it is a book I am really enjoying I will only stop once I can’t keep my eyes open which tends to be around midnight and then I finally put it down and go to bed. I also seem to have dreams corresponding with the book I read last which is always fun right?

That is my reading routine and I hope you liked it πŸ™‚

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