Reading + Writing Update

Happy Sunday!

Before I get into this update, I wanted to quickly rave about Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie all about the band Queen) which came out two days ago! I am a HUGE Queen fan and I have been for a few years now. While I wasn’t alive when they were at their peak (I mean, they still are but you know what I mean), I still really appreciate and adore their music and listen to it all the time. The movie was spectacular and is something everyone needs to go watch!!! Comment below if you’ve watched it because I need to discuss it!

Okay, anywayyyys. This week was a really great reading week and a great way to start the new month. On Monday, I finished reading Traplines by Eden Robinson and I knew I’d enjoy this short story collection, but I ended up really, really liking it. Her writing style is simple but also impactful, and all of her stories had so many layers to them that I really enjoyed uncovering. I talked about my thoughts on the stories in my October wrap up so check that out if you want to hear more! I also finished listening to the audiobook for Sapphire Blue on Wednesday, and am now working my through the third book in the trilogy via audiobook, Emerald Green. These are audiobooks I go through extremely quickly and am already like 3 hours into this audiobook. Another book I’ve made a lot of progress in this week was Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi! I’ve been reading this book for a while but flew through the last 200ish pages. The story really picked up and I ended up adoring this contemporary. It was relatable, real, and quirky. All the things I love!

As for writing, I’ve been doing stuff, I swear! This past week I’ve been working on rewrites and edits of a short story for my writing class (which is due tomorrow ajsnfsjnf), and it has been a process let me tell you. This is my first real grade for this class so I’ve been working really hard on this story and I am pretty happy with the end product! Maybe I will share it on my blog but who knows. I’ve also been working on Project Mystic, my current NaNo project buuuut I have only written for day 1…Currently, Project Mystic draft 2.5 is sitting at a whopping 1,805 words. Yeah…this weekend I was hit really bad with some creative burnout. I had a really stressful week that required lots and lots of essay writing and scrambling to finish assignments late at night, so I just needed a good 3 days to sit back and relax. Hopefully, I will try to write some more tomorrow but since I have other writing things I need to work on, we will see! I do plan on hitting 50k though. How? I have no idea.

That is all for this writing and reading update and I hope you enjoyed! Let me know how your week was reading and writing wise because I’d love to know! Also, don’t forget to check out my last blog post, as well as my social media accounts linked below. Thanks 🙂

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