Writers + Small Towns

They always say writing is a lonely job, and it is, because you don’t need anyone else but yourself to do it. All you need is a computer or a notebook and some ideas and you are off. It is nice though, to know there are others in whatever city or town you live in, that are going through the same struggles and hardships you are. It is nice to be able to talk out your writing problems face to face and figure it out together, as writers. But…when you live in a small town where nobody seems to write then that’s where things get lonely. Luckily we have the internet where we can take online classes on writing and meet other writers, but its really nice to know there are people you can reach out to in your community. Where I live, there are writers but there are no writing groups or classes or workshops that include people may age, everyone seems to be at least thirty years older than me, and while online is great for these problems, online courses are really expensive. Anyway, that was my mindset until I narrowed down my searches and asked around. I discovered that there is are open mic reading sessions at my local college, and I have been to a few of them and even though I don’t read at them, it is nice to listen to other stories and know I am not alone. I don’t really know where I was going with this blog post, but I think I want to go somewhere along the lines of “you aren’t alone” because I too, live in a small town, and before that I lived in an even smaller town with about only ten thousand people. Anyways, even if you face these challenges, use the internet or visit your local library or college because you may be surprise what you can find in your community! It may be a little scary trying to get a foot into a new writing community, but in the long run it will be so worth it.

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