Motivation for Reading and Writing

At the moment I am finding myself suffering from a reading slump and writer’s block which might be the worst thing ever. I have no motivation to do 2 things I love and it’s all because of Netflix, more specifically, How I Met Your Mother. I am on the 7th season of HIMYM and I just want to lie down for hours and binge the rest. Because of this, I have not being wanting to read or write so here are some motivational tips that I hope will also work on me in my troubled time.


Re-read a Favourite – This is pretty obvious but if you are in a slump just try re reading a favourite book or series of yours! At the moment I am re reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I am hoping it will get me out of my slump because I do love this book. If not, a fun and easy contemporary usually does the trick.

Cut Yourself Off – Okay, this goes for both reading slumps and writer’s block, but cut off Netflix and TV. Yes, I had a mini heart attack too when I re read those words, but it will help. You don’t have to completely cut yourself off but just try and lessen the time you spend on Netflix.

Force Yourself – This also sounds terrible because you never want to force yourself to read because it should be something you want do. Honestly though, when your in a slump it’s something you have to do. Make yourself sit down and open up a book and hopefully, within the next chapter or so you will find yourself wanting to keep reading.


Motivational Quotes – Reading motivational quotes gets me motivated to do anything like workout, read, do homework (yes) and yes, even write. I recommend searching up some quotes and then pick your favourites, write them down, and then tape them in a place where you can see and read them.

Re-reading Old Work – This also always works for me because when I re read stories I wrote it just reminds me how much I love to write. Make sure its one of your better stories though because otherwise your writer’s block could turn into your head telling you you’re a terrible writer because believe me, we have all been there.

Sit Down and Write – Just like with the reading slump you have to just sit down and force yourself to write because otherwise it isn’t going to happen. Find some time in your schedule, turn on your computer and write whatever you want.

Those were some hopefully useful tips about how to get out of reading slump and writer’s block and I hope you liked it!

2 thoughts on “Motivation for Reading and Writing

  1. I feel ya, all I want to do is sit watch Netflix but I need to write so I’m trying really hard to not get attached to a new show.


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