How to Conquer Your Reading Slump

All readers go through a stage where they just can’t push themselves through a book for whatever reason. Sometimes it is caused when something terrible happens in a book you read, or your favourite series just ended which sends you into a world where you do not want to read. Terrible right? I decided to share some of the tips I follow to drag myself out of my reading slumps and I hope you all find them helpful.

Tip #1 : Identify the reason you are in a reading slump. Did your favourite series end? Did a character you love die? Have you just read a whole load of boring books latterly? Or are you in a reading slump for no reason? Finding the reason you are in reading slump will definitely help you push through it.

Tip #2 : Do NOT give into Netflix or social media when in a reading slump. I know how tempting it is when you are in a reading slump and Netflix or Instagram or YouTube is right there to comfort you but do NOT fall into a trap of binge watching because it will be hard to pull yourself out. If you find yourself binge watching a TV series, it is going to be harder to motivate yourself to read so if you have time to read do not waste it on Netflix.

Tip #3 : Think of a book that you love and can read countless times or just a book that is an easy read. By reading a book you know you love it will help pull you out of your reading slump because you know you like it and it will open your eye to reading new books. When I go through a reading slump I usually read Anna and the French Kiss, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson because I know I will enjoy reading them.

Anyway, those are my 3 tips on how to conquer your reading slump and I hope these tips will help you conquer yours!

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