Summer 2018 TBR

I cannot believe that summer is just over a month away, which means I have about a month or so less of school…and that means more time for reading! The past few months I haven’t been great with my monthly reading count, but I am hoping to take advantage of two whole months off school and get a lot done. I am mostly looking forward to all the readathons happening this summer, like the Biannual Bibliothon and the BookTubeAThon because I always get so much read. Anyways, here are a few of the main books I want to get to this summer, and I hope you enjoy.

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi 

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This book had so much hype surrounding it when it first came out, and from what I gather, it is well deserved. However, I wanted to let some of the hype settle before picking it up…also it is a massive, fantasy book that takes time to read and that is something I do not have right now. All I know is that it is influenced by West African mythology and that is all I need to know. I am already so excited to get my hands on this book and devour it whole.

Save the Date by Morgan Matson

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This is a new summery, contemporary book by Morgan Matson, one of the queens of contemporary, and I am so, so excited for it to come out on June 5th! Save the Date follows a girl named Charlie whose older sister is getting married, and for the first time in years, all four of her siblings will be together. Charlie is hoping for the perfect weekend, but of course it will be anything but that. I love re reading Morgan Matson books each summer, so I am looking forward to having a new one to adore!

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

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Scythe is another book that has a lot of amazing hype surrounding it, and I kept hearing about it so much that I just went out and bought it. I am really looking forward to diving into it because from what I know about it, it sounds fantastic. Scythe takes place in a world with no hunger, disease, death or anything bad. To keep balance in the world, there are scythes, those sent to kill people to keep the population under control. This book follows two apprentices to a scythe, Citra and Rowan, but it is a role neither of them wants. This book is intriguing and sounds captivating, and I am really hoping to get to it this summer…maybe even the second one too!

The Dark Artifices trilogy by Cassandra Clare

Even though the third and final book in this trilogy doesn’t come out until December, I am dying to give Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows a re read. I wanted to do this earlier but I don’t know if you have noticed that they are humongous books, and lately I just haven’t had the time to devote to them. Especially since they are so amazing that all I want to do is spend my time reading them! If you didn’t know, these books follow a race of half humans and half angels called Shadowhunters whose mission on earth is to keep humans safe from demons.

A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Mass

Don’t worry, I have read the first book, A Court of Thorns and Roses, however I never finished the second book…now there is a third book out as well as a novella, and I realize how far behind I am! These are high fantasy books with faeries, and since I need to re read the first book before finally finishing the second book, I need the summer to do so. Everyone has read these books and everyone is discussing the events of the “finale” and I don’t want to be left out anymore!

Those are some of the books I want to get to this summer, and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out the blog posts linked below, and also follow my social media accounts for more bookish/writing related content 🙂

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Summer TBR

My summer break is coming up in about a month so I decided to share with you guys a few of the books I am wanting to read over summer because I know I will have loads of time. Comment the books you want to get to this summer!

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas is a high fantasy novel that is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast. I got this book almost a year ago and I just have not been in the high fantasy mood so I am hoping I will be in the summer because I have heard amazing things about it!

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen a YA contemporary book that I also got about a year ago and I really want to read it this summer. I love reading contemporary during the summer so I am hoping that will give me the motivation to pick it up. I am not entirely sure what this book is about but I have heard good things about it so yay!

Graceling by Krisitn Cashore is a fantasy book and again, I am not sure what it is about. A lot of people have read this so I decided to pick it up from the bookstore and give it a try! But that was like…in the winter so I want to get to it this summer as well.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard is the second book in her dystopian series or trilogy. I enjoyed her first book, Red Queen but I think one of the reasons I have been putting this book off since February is because I have heard mixed things about it but I am only hoping it is good!

Those are some of the books I want to read this summer and I hope you liked this post 🙂