August Wrap Up 2016!!!

So I didn’t have a very good reading month…especially after reading 10 books last month. To be fair, I was busy about 85% of the time in August but still. Anyway I read a total of 3 books this month and here they are!

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas – I finally picked this book up after an entire year of purchasing it and honestly, I have no idea why I put this book off for so long! This book was fantastic and I loved every single part of it. It was interesting, entertaining and just amazing. I picked up the second book recently and now I cannot wait to dive into that one! 5/5 stars

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen – Since summer is coming to a close, I wanted to end with a nice, cute contemporary. Since I really enjoyed Saint Anything, I decided to try another Sarah Dessen book and since this was the only book at the library I picked it up. It was pretty good, not anything amazing but it was an easy read and was entertaining! 3.5/5 stars.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling – As some of you may know, I am reading a Harry Potter book a month before I read the last book and I just finished book 2. It was obviously amazing and while it took me quite a few days to read because I had other things going on, it was still easy and fun to read! 4.5/5 stars.

I only read 3 books but I am very satisfied with all of them! They gave what I hoped for and I was not disappointed. Don’t forget to check out my last post: Things Only Writers Will Understand and I will see you guys soon! 🙂

Library Haul August 2016!!!

I didn’t go to the library as much as usual this month but I did get a few books and movies. I love libraries because its just an entire place dedicated to reading…what could get better than that? So here is my haul for the month 🙂

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen – I love Sarah Dessen books despite the fact I have only read one other…but it was amazing so it made me obsessed. I am big fan of contemporaries, especially in the summer, so I just had to pick up another before school starts! Someone Like You is about a girl named Halley who has a best friend named Scarlet who is in a very bad time of her life. Scarlet was the one who was always stronger but now Halley has to be that person for her friend. The story follows a cute romance and heart break but overall I am really enjoying it!

On Writing Romance by Leigh Michaels – This is a writing book on, well, writing romance. Romance isn’t necessarily the genre I prefer to write in, but in my opinion it is good to have some tips about writing any genre. Especially with romance considering a lot of books have some sort of romance in it. In this book, it shows how to steer clear of clichés and stereotypes, develop a convincing relationship, using tension and timing and a few other important things. I am really excited to read this and learn more about writing romance!

Writing Begins with the Breath by Laraine Herring – Again, I got another writing book and this writing book seemed different than the others because it is about connecting with your emotions to write. This book seems really helpful to get more involved with your writing and I can’t wait to see what tips and knowledge it has! In the book, the author shows you how writing can become an expression of our being. It is a little deeper than most of the writing books I read but none the less, I am sure it will be just as fact filled.

How To Be Single (DVD) – This movie just looked really funny and hopefully it actually is! I have heard mixed reviews on this movie but it has some actors that I like and I mean come on, how bad could it be? From what I gathered it’s about a group of girls who are single and one of them tries teaching them right way to be single. I think…anyway hopefully I’ll be able to get to it soon.

The Great Gatsby (DVD) – Since I couldn’t find the actual book from the library, I got the movie instead and I am really pumped to watch it! I have heard great things and I have no doubt I will love it. I don’t know what it is about at all I have a feeling money is a key factor in it…I’m planning on watching it later today so we will see if I’m right!

I hope you liked this little library haul! Don’t forget check out my last post: Classic Book TBR 🙂