My Queen of Air and Darkness Theories

I am currently taking a break from writing an 8-page essay for English that is due tomorrow to share with you all of my theories for Queen of Air and Darkness which is out TOMORROW. Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows both killed me so I can only imagine how much this book is going to destroy me…but yeah, if you haven’t read Lady Midnight or Lord of Shadows I would advise you not to read this because I will be spoiling both books a lot. If you have though, let me know what your theories for this epic conclusion are because I would love to know! Here are my theories:

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  • Ash is the son of the Seelie Queen and Sebastian Morgenstern – I am definitely not going to take credit for this theory because it is something I have seen going around the Shadowhunter community a lot but I wholeheartedly agree with it. I mean, Ash is described as a 13-year-old boy with blond hair and green eyes. 1) Sebastian had blond hair and 2) he also had green eyes…well, he would have is Valentine didn’t inject him with demon blood. While in reality, Ash would only be like 5 since that was when Sebastian was alive, he would be living in Faerie and as we saw with Mark in Lady Midnight, time works very differently down there so he could easily be older than he really is. A lot of people also think Ash is being held captive by the Unseelie King which is why the Seelie Queen wants the Black Volume; to exchange it for her son. I think this definitely makes sense because when Dru is transported to Faerie, Ash is like “‘Did my mother send you?’ He sounded hopeful. ‘Is she worried about me?'”. It would make sense, right?
  • Shade is Ragnor Fell – Again, this is another theory I’ve heard floating around and I don’t have any hard evidence but it would be an interesting twist to the plot. While Ragnor Fell supposedly died in City of Glass, the third book in The Mortal Instruments series, he easily could have not. Also, he was supposedly really good friends with Malcolm so maybe that has something to do with how he comes into the story.  However, while I don’t have a lot of evidence, there is this snippet Cassie shared that kind of makes me feel like he is someone we know or heard of before: Shade glared. “I was asleep. It’s three in the morning.” The sleeping bag wiggled. A moment later Church crawled out, making chirping noises. He curled up on the top of the bag, blinking his large yellow eyes. “That isn’t very loyal,” Ty said, looking at Church sternly. Shade yawned. “We’ve known each other a long time, that cat and I. We had some things to catch up on.” 
  • Ty is going to use necromancy to bring back Livvy – No way would the Blackthorns not try and bring back Livvy, especially since they have the Black Volume. Livvy is Ty’s twin and the person he loves most in this world, and of course, as Julian repeatedly says throughout the book, he would do anything for his family. I even think they will succeed in bringing her back in some shape or form, but I don’t think it’ll be what she wants and she won’t stay. However, I think the Blackthorns will get the closure they need because of it.
  • Julian is going to do something he can’t take back, and a lot of people close to him are going to hurt because of it – Whether that is severing all parabatai bonds because we all know Julian would do that in a heartbeat as he mentions on page 612, “‘They are not us…This isn’t just about you and me, this is about the children. About my family. Our family.'” in reference to why they need to break their parabatai bonds. Throughout Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows Julian keeps thinking to himself or saying to someone that he would do literally anything for his family. I tabbed some of the many spots he says something like this…and it’s a lot. Like a lot. On page 406, he is talking to Annabel who is telling him that if the book was out there, so much could be destroyed. However, Julian is all like The world can burn if my family lives. And we all know that by giving the Black Volume to the Seelie Queen, he will get Helen back and also learn how to severe the parabati bonds. To him, there is no higher cause. If Julian does try and severe all parabatai bonds to be with Emma, we all know she wouldn’t stand for that. Either he is going to succeed and Emma is going to grow apart from him because of it, or she is going to give up being a Shadowhunter (which I still know she would never want to do) so he doesn’t. There is a snipper that Cassandra Clare shared that kind of makes me think she is going to give up being a Shadowhunter for some reason because the snippet is like: “Emma,” Julian whispered. “Your Marks…” She shook her head, tears bitter in the back of her throat. “It’s done.”…LIKE WHAT? So yeah, that’s another theory on top of my “Julian is going to do something he can’t come back from” one…Emma is going to give up being a Shadowhunter.
  • Christina, Mark, and Kieran are definitely going to engage in some sort of romantic thing with all three of them – While I am Christina&Mark endgame stan, all three of them clearly care about each other and I feel like there might be a moment that includes all three of them. I don’t know how I feel about that, but I do love all three of them…I just love Mark and Christina more but I do want Kieran to be happy. I don’t know. Either that or Christina starts developing more intense feelings for Kieran rather than Mark. I also don’t know how I would feel about that…if there were more Christina and Kieran moments romance rather than friendship wise, I feel like I might be able to get on board but I’d still be heartbroken because of MARK. Anyways, just something we aren’t really expecting will happen between them all though, I just don’t know which one.
  • Ty and Kit are going to make it official – I think that with the death of Livvy, Ty is going to go crazy but Kit will be his shoulder to cry on and also his necromancy partner. Kit is definitely confused about his emotions and I have no idea how Ty is feeling (I’m 99.5% sure he will have lots of POV chapters in QoAaD though) but I think things are going to sort themselves out between the two of them. I definitely ship them so…

Wow, this was long but those are my most developed theories about Queen of Air and Darkness and I hope you enjoyed! Let me know which ones you agree with, and also what theories you have yourself because I’d love to know. Also, don’t forget to check out my last blog post as well as my social media accounts linked below. Thanks 🙂

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TV Shows 2017!

So…lots of TV shows have started up again this month and now I find myself being overwhelmed with new episodes of the shows I love and it is amazing! In this blog post I am going to be sharing my thoughts and feelings (all non-spoiler) on these shows and hopefully I can persuade some of you to watch them to.

The Bachelor – This TV show is my guilty pleasure and people may say it is fake and stupid, and sure, it may be all those things but it is more addicting than any TV show I have ever watched. There is so much drama, tension and sweet moments (even if they may be set up) and it is such a fun, mindless show to watch when I need to relax. So say what you want, but once you start you can’t stop, trust me! The Bachelor airs every Monday night on ABC.

Shadowhunters – The first season of Shadowhunters was a little shaky and questionable, but so far season 2 has been 10000x better! I don’t cringe as much as I used to, and while it is quite different from the books, once you learn how to separate the two it is a very fun and action packed show. Of course its not perfect, but it gets better and better with each episode. Shadowhunters airs every Tuesday night on Freeform.

The 100 – Recently The 100 came back for season 4 and even though we only have one episode, it was freaking amazing! The 100 is one of my favourite TV shows ever because it is such a raw and entertaining show that will make you feel so many different things all at once. I really recommend you watch this TV show because you will NOT be disappointed…trust me. The 100 airs every Wednesday night on the CW.

Riverdale – Riverdale is a new show that is based on the Archie comics and I had no expectations going into this show but ended up being blown away by how much I loved it! It is suspenseful, romantic and all around a fun time. I always enjoy devoting an hour to watching this because so far, I have not been disappointed! Riverdale airs every Thursday night on the CW.

The Vampire Diaries – They are on season 8, the final season and while I am sad, I am also excited to see how they wrap up the show. The latest episode had me shaking uncontrollably and my jaw dropping on the floor because that is what The Vampire Diaries does best! This is my favourite show and I cannot wait to see how this season plays out. The Vampire Diaries airs every Friday night on the CW.

Those are all the TV shows I am currently watching and that are airing, if you have any recommendations please comment them because I am always looking for new things to watch!


Shadowhunters Update!

So a few more episodes have been shown of Shadowhunters and I am happy with two of them which makes me very excited for what is coming with this TV show!

Episodes 5 and 7 are my favourites so far! I won’t go into full detail but the acting was so much better and in episode 5 we saw more of Alec which I thought was great since Matthew is an awesome actor! I would have to say episode 7 is my favourite so far just because the actors were really good and also the episode just flowed nicely. It didn’t feel rushed and I liked what happened and how they handled it! I also laughed quite a bit and even though Jace’s lines are weird, I still found myself liking the TV version of him more than I did in the beginning.

That was just a mini update on my feelings of the show and I would love to hear your opinion if you watch Shadowhunters!