June 2018 TBR

I feel like I just put my TBR together for May and now it is already June! Fingers crossed for a good reading month, but since it is the month of my finals (please pray for me), I made my TBR short and sweet so here it is:

Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier


Originally I planned on reading this book in May since I finished Sapphire Blue, the second book in the trilogy just yesterday, but I decided to buy this book for myself and it sadly won’t arrive until June 1st. I have re-read this book countless times and have, and always will, adore it. The characters all have my heart and the storyline is a whirlwind of fun, adventure and romance! It follows a girl named Gwenyth who comes from a family of time travelers, however it is her cousin Charlotte who is destined for the gene. But one day Gwenyth is flung back in time and she realizes it isn’t Charlotte who has the gene, but herself. Secrets unravel about her and she is suddenly thrust into unknown waters. It doesn’t help that her new time traveling partner, Gideon, is annoying, arrogant, and incredibly handsome either; completely distracting.

I See London I See France by Sarah Mlynowski

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I read this book a few months back and what a fun ride it was. Now that summer is actually here, I am excited to give this summer adventure a re-read. I See London I See France follows Sydney who has the perfect summer mapped out in Europe with her best friend, Leela. However, running into Leela’s cheating ex-boyfriend is not part of the plan, or falling for his very hot friend. While I did have some problems with this book, all I want for this month is to read some fun and easy books and this is definitely one of them!

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare


This is a book I want to pick up during the last week or so in June, or whenever I finish exams because it is a big one. I absolutely adore The Dark Artifices trilogy by Cassandra Clare so I am excited to re-read the first two books in anticipation for the third and final one which is being released in December! Lady Midnight follows a family of Shadowhunters (half human half angel) who try to unravel the mystery of Emma Carstairs parents’ death. It is filled with adventure, romance, and betrayal and I absolutely love it.

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June TBR!

I cannot wait for June because it means the end of school and more reading time! I don’t have that hard of exams this year so I am still hoping to read a good amount of books by the end of this month. My reading challenge is to at least read 50 books this year and by the end of June I should have read 25 and I am 22 so I think I can make it! Anyways here is my June TBR!

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead is the first book I am hoping to finish in June because it is my current read. I am about halfway done and I am really, really liking it. The first 2 books in this series were a tiny bit slow for me but the story is really picking up the pace in the third one and I am very happy about that! If you want a more detailed summary of this series you can check out my last post: Series to Binge Read, because I talk about it in there.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas is a book I really want to finish this month because it has been on my shelf forever. I am not the biggest high fantasy lover but I do love Sarah J Maas’s Throne of Glass series so I am hoping to love this equally as much!

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen is another book I have had forever and since it is a contemporary novel it will throw me into a more summery mood hopefully. This book has good reviews on goodreads too so that motivates me to finally pick it up!

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is the last book I want to get to by the end of June. I recently bought this book because I have only heard fantastic things so I really want to jump on the bandwagon and love this book as much as every other person on this planet.

June TBR

I am super pumped about June because there are a bunch of books I want to get to!!! All of these books are books I have not read and have just been sitting on my shelf for like ever and I am finally picking them up to start my summer!

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer is the first book on my June TBR. I am not a major fan of Twilight but for me the books are readable and I am slowly making my way through the series. I read Twilight about a year ago and I enjoyed it enough to want to continue so we will see how it goes!

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas is another book I have had forever and am finally getting to it. High fantasy books tend to intimidate me just because they are hard to get through but once I get through them I cannot stop, like Throne of Glass. I have heard amazing things about this book and the second book came out recently so I need to catch up!

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen is a book I received for my birthday last year and the reason I haven’t picked this book up is because I thought it was some depressing contemporary and it might be but I look up some reviews and they were really good so that motivated me to finally add to my TBR!

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead is the last book on my TBR. I am currently reading Frostbite and I am really enjoying it so I am excited to be continuing on with the series!