I Like Cheesy Books

So today I am doing a short rant because I love cheesy books. I mean, obviously there is a limit to what I can handle but anything that involves vampires and romance I’m all for it. It makes a lot of sense considering I am OBSESSED with The Vampire Diaries and am so sad to see it finish after this season. Anyways, off topic now. Even though I love (most) cheesy books and movies, I completely understand how people could not like cheesy books and movies and just things in general, but sometimes they don’t even give it a chance which kind of annoys me! Yeah there are quite a few vampire/werewolves stories who fall in love with humans but I find that really entertaining and cool. Besides, things like wizards and witches should be considered cheesy considering they are used a lot in many books and movies, but that doesn’t mean a lot of us don’t love it still. When vampires are cheaply portrayed I can totally see how it can annoy people but when there are vampires like Damon Salvatore…how could you not want to watch them? What I am trying to say is just because something is portrayed as “cheesy” don’t let that steer you away because who knows, maybe you will end up liking it.

I know this was kind of a short rant but I personally wouldn’t want to read a long one so I decided to just make this short and sweet. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to check out my last post: Motivation for Reading and Writing!