Writer’s Motivation Pack!

When it comes to writing, sometimes you just need a little motivation to get you started. Since this is a problem I face ninety nine percent of the time, I have put together a few different motivation options for all of you seeking a little inspiration.


Image result for 88 cups of tea with yin chang88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang – This is an amazing writing podcast that comes out every Thursday, and is something I recommend all writers listen to. It gets you motivated and excited to write and you always finish it with new, valuable information. Some episodes I recommend are Victoria or VE Schwab, Jerry Spinelli, Sandhya Menon, Joanna Volpe, and Sarah J Maas! These are some of my favourite episodes, but they are all fantastic and you should listen to them all. http://88cupsoftea.com/

Image result for first draft with sarah enniFirst Draft with Sarah Enni – This is also a great podcast for writers because just like 88 Cups of Tea, it brings on a diverse cast of amazing authors that have many tips and tricks when it comes to not only writing, but the publishing world. Some episodes I love and recommend are Veronica Roth, Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, Jenny Han, and Margaret Stohl. Again, these are just some of my personal favourites but all the episodes are great! http://firstdraftwithsarahenni.tumblr.com/


Image result for writers book of days by judy reeves

A Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves – I have barley gotten into this book, but I am already learning so much from it. It has easily accessible information, unlike some where you have to read it cover to cover to get the information from it. This is definitely getting me motivated to write and I am really enjoying learning some new tips and tricks as always!

Write – This little writing book is filled with tips from a variety of authors like Neil Gaiman, Richard Ford, and Margaret Atwood. I flew through this short handbook and took away lots of information. A must for a quick read!

Image result for art of character by david corbett

Art of Character by David Corbett – I wrote down so many notes from this book, so I recommend having a notebook handy. I know creating flushed out characters is not a strong point of mine yet, so I feel that this book really assisted in my understanding on how to do so and I really recommend it!

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Writing Fiction Step by Step by Jossip Novakovich – Again, another writing book where I recommend that you have a notebook next to you. So much information that is valuable and useful, and is information that I use whenever I write now.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling – This isn’t a craft book, but something about JK Rowling’s complex and fantastic world just makes me get the craving to write. It has planted so many ideas in my head and is just the source of great young literature!

That is all for this Writer’s Motivation Pack and I hope you found some of it useful. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading/Writing Update!




Writing References

Hey guys! Sorry about being off for a few days but I am back now and even though it has only been 2 days I have read and listened to a lot of great writing advice so I decided to share with you guys some books, videos, podcasts, etc to check out! Also Camp NaNoWriMo has now started so these will definitely help all of you participating!

88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang is a podcast focused on writing novels, scripts, screenplays, etc and this is one of the most helpful podcasts I have ever listened to! They have guests such as Leigh Bardugo and Morgan Matson that give great writing tips that have definitely helped me out.

Children’s Writer’s & Illustrators Market by Writers Market is a book I took out from the library and I am so happy I did. It gives amazing advice about writing and publishing your work whether you are an author or illustrator. Inside there are author talks and it has lists of agents, publishers, contests, workshops and much, much more. If you are serious about writing definitely check this out!

advancFictionwriting is a website by Randy Ingermanson who is the author of Writing Fiction for Dummies which I personally love and now he has a website that offers advice and tips on fiction writing. If you sign up for his subscription you receive a 5 day “class” of how to get your book published which is very helpful!

Those are a few writing references for you guys and I hope you liked it! Don’t forget to comment any specific posts you would like to see so I can do them 🙂