King of Ignorance

Our halved Mother anguishes above
A tired god gazing down at her children scurrying blind
Pondering her failure to harvest a new foison from this wilted crop
Preceding our foretold famine.

I whispered mine terrors to sleek crows to spread ‘round
Their beaks parted in response
And did caterwauling of a Mother who starved for her kin
Her corpse sagging with stale weight and with tiny digits
They placed two gold drachmas o’er her opened eyes
Their own dry.
Said to be a simple story one cradles in bed
But all myths bleed bloody truth.

Prithee, oh father, hark to mine cries!
Doth thee shield thy eyes in wax as the lady grips the world in two
And slowly pulls?
Doth thee not thrash with the shifting shadows of night
Pending her soft hands on thy cheeks
Only to be met with her harsh, reluctant winds?
Dawn sets upon thee, that Mother cannot seize all nightmares
For she wages a battle of her own
Feared enemy the hydra
Each slash of her blade a head tumbles
Only for another to bloom in the past’s lodging.

I crown thee King of Ignorance, father
After all, thy brother did steal thy entitled coronet
But worry not, thy people art plentiful
Thy temples tall with billows of black smoke coiling to the skies
Spelling thy name of Ignorance.
For thee believe evil stills beyond
Aught thy kingly brother could endanger
With a sir superior as the mystical changer,
But while thee rest in thy throne
Recall that thee and I remain the same
If we collapse, we shall plunge hand in hand
Feet tumbling off the identical ledge to a world where Mother’s heart nay longer beats
And somewhere too deep for thy fingers to skim magic’s roots.
For the world cannot be rescued by a flick of thy wand
As charmed words only plummet between the rifts of reality here.

Our homes now quake on the hills in peril
But it was our stomping feet that committed the crime
Yet we the culprit convinced ourselves to be framed
We scream at all we art blamed!
But mother maketh nay wrongs
The world aches, breaks, and we are blasted of retakes
Doomed by the shared bombard of wine we calleth hamartia
Of alluded superiority and vice versa
Mine humblest apologies, father, but listen
No charmed wand can dispel this human sin.

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