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Zoe Mathers is a freelance writer from Canada who offers both blog writing and social media writing services.

She is in the first year of her English degree at the University of Victoria and is planning on receiving a minor in professional communications as well. While she has only just begun her post-secondary journey, she has been an avid writer for almost five years and has been blogging for over three.

While she is young, Zoe Mathers has already achieved a variety of accomplishments in the writing world. In 2017, she received an honourable mention for her short story “The Necklace of Dreams” from the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest. She has also received an honourable mention for her short story “The Night Wolf” from the Polar Expressions Publishing contest in 2017, and was published in their summer anthology “The Chance”. Her first accomplishment came when she was thirteen years old and had just begun her writing journey where she received first place in a BC-wide writing contest held by ZG Communications for her short story “A Trip to the Deep Sea”.

Zoe Mathers has only been freelancing for a few months now but is looking to further her career in it. Check out her Fiverr account where her current services are accessible or email her at the email given below if you are interested in specific writing service from her, but do not use Fiverr.

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