Reading + Writing Update!

Happy Sunday!

This update is going up a liiitle later than I hoped, but I was having some major computer problems with my laptop. Hopefully things are sorted out, but currently I am re-downloading everything back onto there so I am writing this via my desktop, which I haven’t used for writing on in a while. Anyways, this was a very productive reading week so let’s just get into it!

I am still making my way through Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare slowly but surely AND YES I AM LOVING IT. I really, really want to finish it like NOW, because I need to know what happens. However, I also want to finish it because everyone on YouTube is posting their “Queen of Air and Darkness Reading Vlogs” and their spoiler reviews on the book and I really want to watch all of them but I can’t because I’m not done! Most likely, I will finish at the end of this coming week because I am just over 650 pages into it meaning I have around 250ish to go. I don’t want to rush it at the same time though, because I don’t want it to be over. According to Goodreads (love Goodreads), I read like 300 pages this week of QoAaD so that is pretty awesome. Apart from that, I’ve been listening to the audiobook for City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare, and I just passed the halfway mark today while I listening to it at the gym. I have around 8 hours left and hopefully I can finish that by the end of the week as well! Since I’ve been lacking creative motivation lately due to winter, school, and a bundle of other things, I decided to pick up Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and give it a second read. The first time, I finished it feeling inspired and creative and I am hoping to feel that exact way when I turn over the last page…fingers crossed. Currently, I am around 80 pages into it and want to read at least another 100 pages this coming week. It is taking me a bit to get into, but I can feel myself becoming more immersed in Gilbert’s amazing wisdom. Last but not least, for English class, we’ve been assigned The Outsider by Albert Camus because we are doing a sort of philosophy unit focusing on existentialism which at first, I was kind of standoffish about, but I’ve watched some videos on the topic of philosophy and I am now very intrigued. I had to read 60 pages (which is literally half of the book) of it for tomorrow because I have a quiz, which I’m happy to report I have successfully done, and I’m so far pretty invested into the story. Our main character is a really interesting and fresh perspective to read in, and it is a fun book to analyze! Oh! I just about forgot but I finally finished re-reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky on Friday. It took me a while to get through because I was busy reading other things, but as always, I enjoyed my time reading it.

As for writing, I have a whole blog post on this going up tomorrow, but I am taking a writing break. I am not 100% how long it is going to be, but I am not letting myself go past the end of January because I do love writing and also NEED to do it. I just need a little break. The only thing writing-related I got done this week was a scholarship essay that I ended up submitting Thursday. It was about 1,000 words long and the topic of it was “The Goals I Will Achieve in 10 Years”. It was really fun and enlightening to write because we are coming to the end of 2018 so I have been thinking about my 2019 goals, and also just the goals I have for the next few years. Other than that…I don’t think any writing has gotten done. That’s okay though because my winter break is just around the corner and I plan on spending it reading, eating good food, and watching lots of great TV so that creative well WILL be replenished within the next few weeks and hopefully, I will be ready to tackle lots, and lots of writing.

Yep, that is all I have to update you all on! I hope you enjoyed reading the progress I made via reading and writing this week, and make sure you let me know what you managed to get done because I’d love to know. Also, don’t forget to check out my last blog post and my social media accounts which are all linked down below. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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