3 Things I’ve Learned From My Writing Class

Taking a writing class at my local university has been incredibly enlightening with helping me figure out what I am going to study at university next year, and also with my writing overall. While I am only almost halfway through course, I’ve learnt a lot, to say the least, and today I am going to be sharing three of those things with all of you!

1. A Writing Major Is Not For Me

It makes sense that since I want to be a writer, a writing major would be ideal for me to study, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong. A writing major would probably be the worst idea for me, and I am so happy I figured this out in grade 12 rather than the first year of university. I am leaning more towards majoring in English so I can get better on my non-fiction writing like essays, and also my ability to dissect novels. I also want to make sure that I take a lot of different classes like history and whatnot, and the least amount of creative writing ones possible.

2. It’s Hard to Write Something Someone Else Wants You to Write

This is part of being a writer I’ve realized; writing when you don’t want to, and also sometimes things you don’t want to write. I’m glad I’m learning how to write regardless of that though, and I just hope I get better at it in the future. I would like to write things I want to write as much as possible though, so this ties into me NOT majoring in writing. It drains me creatively and leaves no time for the projects I actually want to write.

3. Writing Lectures Are Kind Of A Waste of Money…

If you are a writing major and like it, that’s great! In my opinion, though, I haven’t learned anything from these lectures that I haven’t read in a book on creative writing that I borrowed from the library. And also, they are just really boring to sit through. My lectures are about an hour and twenty minutes and it feels like the minutes just drag on and on and on. I need at least two cups of coffee each lecture to stay semi-awake. I’m lucky that my writing class is paid for by my high school because I’ve learnt more from Stephen King: On Writing (THE BEST WRITING BOOK BY THE WAY) which took me a few days to read, as opposed to this eight-month course.

So there they are! The three things I’ve learnt from my writing class so far, and I hope you enjoyed and at least found them useful. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post, as well as my social media accounts which are all linked below. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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