Reading + Writing Update!

Happy Sunday!

This week has been one of my most productive weeks by far, more writing wise than reading, but I still got a good amount of reading done! After finishing Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier earlier this week, I was suddenly hit with a strong desire to read The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater because I was in the mood for a dark and mystical story. I actually read The Raven Boys about a year ago, but I don’t think I was in the right mindset to read it because for some strange reason, I didn’t enjoy it that much and remember next to nothing about the story! However, I finished it earlier today and can easily say that I LOVED it, and am so excited to jump into the next book The Dream Thieves. Since the Biannual Bibliothon (a week long readathon) starts next Saturday, July 14th, I am going to try and finish the ENTIRE series before then to warm myself up for another week of lots, and lots of reading. If I don’t though, hopefully I manage to read the first three books, and the other one I can just squeeze into my Biannual Bibliothon TBR, which is coming soon!


This was the first week of Camp NaNoWriMo and for this month I am working on my second draft of my current YA fantasy WIP. I did not write on day one of Camp NaNo, nor did I write yesterday, but I already have 15,000 words written so I can afford the breaks. I am about a day ahead but since I plan on doing lots of writing today, I will hopefully be about 6,000 words ahead by the end of the day! If you want to look more into my writing routine for this summer and how I get so many words each day, I did an entire blog post on it so check that out in the links below!

That is all for this reading and writing update, and I hope you enjoyed!

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