My Writing Routine – Summer Edition

This week my writing routine, and just daily routine overall has drastically changed. I am so happy that I found a writing/daily routine that works AMAZING for me, because I am getting so much done e every single day (even if I have only had this routine for a week).

Since it is summer, I decided a change of routine would be good for me, especially since summers are very different for me as opposed to the school year. Basically I just have a LOT more free time. Anyways, here is my new and improved writing routine, and I hope it inspires you to maybe change up your own or give you some ideas on how to make yours even better.


After giving myself the first week of summer to sleep in and catch up on all the sleep I missed during school, and trust me, there were a lot. I decided to start waking up pretty early so I would have lots of extra time to wake up, and still not waste too many hours in the day. So at 6AM my alarm goes off, but I still need at least 30 minutes to truly wake up and screw around on my phone before finally leaving my bed.

6:30AM – FOOD


Hopefully by this time I am out of bed and usually STARVING, so I eat. I also help make my brother’s breakfast and lunch because he does a lot of summer camps during the summer, and both of my parents work long hours so even they are usually gone by this time. Of course I also have some coffee or tea to help wake me up because would I TRULY be a writer without some sort of caffeine inside of me?



Fast forward about two and a half hours and I finally sit down to write. Even at 9AM I am still kind of tired but also ready to get some words on the page. I work best in 30 minute sprints and I made it my Camp NaNoWriMo goal to spend 1.5 hours writing every day, so I split that time up into three writing sprints! I usually average about 1,000 words each sprint and sometimes I participate in the Camp NaNoWriMo Twitter word sprints or I just participate in my own. Recently I have been listening to this playlist on Spotify called “Fantasy Chill” before and during my writing sprints, and that has really helped get me in the mood.

9:30AM – BREAK


Yes, yes I am on summer vacation which means school is over. However, I like to do an online class during the summer so I have an emptier time table during the year, leaving me more time to work on my own personal things like writing. This year I am taking Psychology 12 so I will usually dedicate an hour or so to working on it. Again, I work best in 30 minute sprints whether that is writing or work related, so I do a 30 minute sprint of homework…usually while watching TV or listening to music.

10:30AM – BREAK


I try to get most of my writing done in the morning, so I spaced them out just to do so. I still had an hour and a half break from my project though, meaning it is harder for me to get burnt out. But once again I sit back down at my desk, open my document and write for another 30 minutes, tacking another 1,000 or so words onto my manuscript.

11:30AM – LUNCH

Since I wake up at 6AM, there is more time to be hungry so I have an earlier lunch. I give myself a pretty lengthy lunch break because it still is summer and I want to have time to do other things then writing, reading, and homework, right? Either I will go on a walk somewhere, hang out with my friends, or just relax and maybe read. Whatever I feel like that day.



Time for my last writing sprint of the day! It is really satisfying to see that I get about 3,000 words written everyday before 2PM, and that still leaves me the rest of the day to do whatever. I write for my last 30 minute sprint and then go onto the Camp NaNoWriMo homepage and log in my words for the day as well as chat with some of my cabin mates!

1:30PM – BREAK


But no, I am not entirely work free for the rest of the day since I need to do one last sprint of homework. Despite the short(ish) length of time of 30 minutes, I still get quite a bit done, setting myself up nicely for the next day.


By now the routine portion of my day is pretty much done. I have gotten the most pressing stuff out of the way and have the rest of the day free. This has really been working well for me since I do not have a job or anything, and I have enjoyed taking advantage of my sudden abundance of free time!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my updated writing routine, and don’t forget to check out my last blog post which is always linked below ๐Ÿ™‚

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