Reading + Writing Goals – July + August

I cannot believe another two months have already passed, and that it is time to update you all on how I did with my goals for May and June! Let me just start by saying…May and June were not my most productive months, but you know what, sometimes that is how it goes. All you can do is work hard on your next handful of goals and try the best you can for those months. Let’s go over what I did and didn’t accomplish for my last set of bimonthly goals, and then let’s take a look at my goals for the months of July and August!

May + June Goals Overview:

  • Read 8 Books – Sadly I did not achieve this but I was so, so, so close! I ended up reading a total of 7 books, and was literally only 40 pages off from finishing my eighth book but ended up reading those pages the next day, which was July 1st. If I realized I was so close to achieving that goal, I would have pushed myself to finish it but what can you do?
  • Get Accepted into uStart – This is a program at my school that allows you to take a university class during your grade 12 year and I am happy to say I did achieve this goal! This was a “out of my hands” goal but I really wanted to put it on my goals list because I had high hopes I would get in, and I did so yay! I will be taking a first year writing class (Writing 100) and I am super excited.
  • Finish Draft 1 of My WIP – I also achieved this…kind of. I wrote what I could and am now currently working on draft 2 and ugh, it is so much fun. I wrote my first draft during Camp NaNoWriMo in April, and then wrote into May so if I keep up this pace, I am on my way to finishing draft 2 either in July or August.
  • Submit to 3 Writing Contests – Yeah, nope. I submitted to one but then got really busy but I am not too upset about that.
  • Submit to 1 Literary Magazine – …nope. Again, I just ran out of time!
  • Prep for Editing WIP Draft 2 – I did this! Mind you, it was during the last week of June but I did it, and feel more prepped and ready to dive into draft 2 then I did with draft 1.

Anyways, so I completed a solid 50% of my goals which is more than I originally thought. But without further ado, let’s take a look at my goals for the months of July and August!

July + August Goals

  • Finish Draft 2 of My WIP
  • Submit to 1 Writing Contest
  • Submit to 1 Literary Magazine
  • Write 3 NEW Short Stories (at least)
  • Read 12 Books

On top of these five goals, I have two personal goals which brings me to a total of seven goals. While it is a LOT less than what I usually have, I want to give myself a lighter load for the summer. Also because this summer I want to steer my focus on finishing draft 2 of my WIP and putting together my writing portfolios for writing scholarships so overall, it will still be a busy two months.

Anyways, that is all for this blog post, and I also wanted to say sorry for not having one up on Monday. I talked about it a bit on my Instagram (shameless self-promo-but check out my social media, all linked below!) but my mental health was really spiraling on Sunday and I just wasn’t in the mood to do anything creative. I feel a lot better now and am writing for Camp NaNoWriMo and ready to pump out some more blog posts as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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