How To Expand Your Creativity

When I was ten years old I truly fell in love with reading, finally discovering my first passion that still is a large part of my life today. I never thought that reading would lead me to other passions though, such as blogging and of course, writing. Now writing and blogging are also insanely important things in my life, but I never thought reading would guide me to more passions at the time. I am still discovering new passions because of reading, writing, and blogging, such as YouTube. I decided to start vlogging my day to day when it comes to writing and being productive overall, and while I am still working on making them presentable for the rest of the YouTube community to see, it is a new process that I am really enjoying. This just goes to show how life is always changing and so are you interests. As we go about life we lose interest in the things we used to love, but our love for things also expands, and we begin to discover new interests along the way. However, you have to be open minded to let these new passions take flight, and not shy away from them.

Here are a few tips I have gathered over the years that will help you expand your creative horizon, and really tap into your full potential as a creative person.

  • Dive Head First Into Each New Idea – Don’t just dip a toe in, but fully submerge in each possible new passion and opportunity you are presented with to get the full experience. It may end up that that certain thing isn’t for you, but at least you will come out of it knowing you put 100% into it. For example, maybe you want to start a YouTube channel but the idea of filming something and then editing it sounds a little daunting to you. Well try it out for a day! Film something and edit the ENTIRE thing, and see how it goes. Maybe you will enjoy the process or maybe you won’t, but at least you tried.
  • Keep Your Eyes and Mind Open – Let these new passions come naturally, but also be actively seeking them. That might not make sense, but what I mean is to continue reading, watching, and listening to different topics and ideas, and maybe one will jump out and grab you. Explore new content and see what opportunities are out there. An example of this is maybe you love to write but writing your own story and characters has never been something that has really gripped your interest. But guess what, there is fanfiction websites where you can write WHATEVER you want and still share them, a well as allowing you to connect with other writers just like you. Sometimes it takes some digging but there is a place for everyone out there.
  • Always Be Creating – Being creative is all about creating. Whether that is art, writing, baking, or even an idea, always make sure you are creating. Even if it the outcome isn’t amazing or life changing, enjoy the process of creating and keep at it. One day something great will come out of it, but that is why you must always be creating!
  • Try New Things – This is really important and has been the theme of a lot of the other tips above, but what I mean with this tip is to read books you don’t usually pick up, listen to music in different genres that you have never heard of before, and constantly try different hobbies. You might discover you love reading books about history, or love listening to jazz music…the possibilities are endless unless you don’t try.

This blog post was really brought on by me trying out vlogging and editing videos, and since I loved it expect to see some writing and book related videos sometime soon! It just reminded me that there is so much out there that I can still be passionate about, and I should never stop looking. Nothing will ever compare to my love for writing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a passion for other things, and the same goes for you!

Thank you for reading all of this and I hope it at least acted as a helpful reminded. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post, and also my social media accounts which are all linked down below 🙂

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