Writing Contests to Enter (No Entry Fees!) Pt. 2

It has been a while since I made a list of writing contests so I decided it was about time to make another. I put these lists together to hopefully inspire and motivate you to enter them, and make it easy to do so by having a bunch of their links at your fingertips! Anyways, here are a couple writing contests you should enter with NO entry fee.

Writers of the FutureAn international contest seeking sci-fi and fantasy submissions of no more than 17,000 words during their four quarters: October 1, January 1, April 1, and July 1

Scholastic Art & Writing AwardsWriting awards in various genres for American and Canadian students in grades 7-12. Deadlines vary depending on genre of award.

Bennington College Young Writers AwardSeeks both poetry, non-fiction, and fiction from grades 10-12 students from around the world. Contest is open from September 1 to November 1 every year. Poetry limit: 3 poems. Non-Fiction/Fiction limit: 1500 words.

Crucible: Poetry and Fiction CompetitionInternational writing competition seeking both poetry and fiction that is accepts submissions until May 1 of each year. Fiction limit: 8000 words. Poetry limit: 5 poems.

Polarexpressions: Summer Poetry and Short Story ContestAccepts fiction and poetry submissions from Canadians of all ages up until July 31 of each year. Poetry limit: 48 lines or less. Fiction limit: 750 words.

Micro Sweek Flash Fiction ContestInternational flash fiction contest that occurs every month, accepting flash pieces up to 250 words.

Those are a couple of varied writing contests for you to enter, and I really hope you all consider submitting to at least a few! It is important to get your name out there and test the waters. A lot of the time contests you submit to will give you feedback on your story even if you didn’t win, which is very, very valuable. Use these contests to motivate you to write because then that inspiration will stay with you!

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5 thoughts on “Writing Contests to Enter (No Entry Fees!) Pt. 2

  1. Hi! We (strongerbysharing.org) are currently running a nonfiction short story contest to motivate people to share their stories and create an inspirational environment. It is not a literary contest, but it is a nice exercise to get comfortable with sharing stories. And hopefully we can all inspire others and make an impact!

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