Reading + Writing Update!

Happy Sunday! Here I am, back with another reading and writing update so let’s just get into this 🙂

I have been lacking motivation to do really anything lately, even reading. I did manage finish reading The Selection by Kiera Cass and am already about 100 pages into Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier. This weekend I spent a lot of time driving in the car and doing homework, so I downloaded the audiobook version of The Elite by Kiera Cass, the second book in the Selection series. I listened to a bit of The Selection audiobook back in January and really enjoyed it! The narrator was good and didn’t sound like a boring drone, so I am just blowing through The Elite audiobook. Out of the seven hours I am already four hours in, and have no doubt that I will finish it in the next day or two. It has been a while since I have listened to an audiobook, but I really would love to get back into them because they are huge timesavers! Despite flying through The Elite, I know it will take me a bit longer to get through Emerald Green because I am a) reading the physical book and b) it is pretty thick. Of course I am loving it though, and am really sad it is the last book in this amazing trilogy!

As for writing…again, not as good as I hoped but I did manage to squeeze about a thousand words in. It isn’t that I haven’t had time. I have been busy but of course there were moments I could have taken advantage to get some writing done, but my mind has been so burnt out lately I figured I shouldn’t push it. This coming week my goals will be realistic to my current schedule, so I am only hoping to get one or two thousand words down. I will be studying like crazy for my exams which are next week, but then after that hopefully I will be able to find excitement and motivation to write and all will be well in the world!

Anyways, that is all for this reading and writing update, and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post and social medias accounts linked below!

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