10 Questions Every Writer Should Ask Themselves

Every writer is different. There is no secret formula that defines all of us as one, so it is important for you to establish what type of writer you are, and all the little habits you have that make you the most efficient writer you can be. Here are a few questions to help you grasp it!

1. Why Do You Want to Write?

2. What Books Inspire You and Why?

3. What Are Your Ultimate Writing Goals?

4. Are They Achievable?

5. What Genre(s) Interest You Most?

6. What Are Your Strengths and Weakness?

7. Are You More Productive During Short or Long Sessions?

8. Where Are You Most Productive?

9. How Will You Keep Yourself Motivated to Write?

10. Are You a Morning or Evening Writer?

These are all essential questions you must ask yourself in order to understand what kind of writer you are so you can be the best writer you can be. I hope these questions were eye opening and will help you on your writing journey on discovering yourself as a writer. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post and social media accounts as well, all linked below ๐Ÿ™‚

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