Reading + Writing Update!

Happy Sunday!

Sorry for no blog post on Friday, but I tried to sit down to write and had little to no motivation to get it done! Since blogging is a passion of mine, and is something I want to enjoy doing, I decided to take that as a sign to take the day off. Anyways I am back so let’s get into what I read and wrote this past week!

I have been on top with my reading these past few weeks and have gotten so much done! Lately I have been getting through one book a week and that may not seem like a lot to some, but school has picked up like crazy so a book a week for me is fantastic. Somehow I always forget how much I love the Ruby Red trilogy until I give it a re-read and suddenly it is all I can think about. Since I finished Sapphire Blue, the second book in this lovely trilogy by Kerstin Gier, I will be picking up the third and final book, Emerald Green. Once I finish it I will be giving Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo a read, because I have been feeling trilogies lately!

As for writing…well I was doing good for a few days there and then I just stopped. The last time I wrote was Sunday because I left off in a point in my story that I had NOT planned for, therefore I needed a few days to figure things out and regroup my thoughts. I ended up diving back into my work at just after midnight today (insomnia can be a gift, right?) and am just trying to get all the words on the page. I am oh so looking forward to reshaping this story as I write the second draft in July because if all goes well, I will have a finished draft by the end of next week! I hope all of your writing endeavors are going well, and don’t forget to just keep writing!

That is all for this reading and writing update, and I hope you enjoyed 🙂 Don’t forget to check out my last blog post linked down below, and also follow all of my social media accounts where I post more reading and writing related fun!

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