Reading + Writing Update!

I finally finished rereading the first 3 books in the Shatter Me series and wow, it took me a while. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore every book in the series and had such a good time revisiting this world but I was just so busy and exhausted by the end of the day that I only read 30-50 pages a night, maybe not even. Hopefully I can pick up the pace because I need to finish the last 150 pages of The Book Thief by April 4 and also finally finish listening to The Son of Neptune audiobook! So many books so little time.

This week was so unproductive that it physically hurts me…but at the same time it is 100% okay because I spent the time catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. It was a blast but now that the week is mostly over and they have left, I am ready to jump back into outlining my novel and writing because Camp NaNoWriMo is only 13 days away…wow. I need to pick up the pace because not only do we only have 13 days left, but I also leave for holidays in 4 days and who knows how much I’ll get done while I’m away. I also have a few short stories I wanted to get done this coming week, so fingers crossed I am not putting too much on myself andย will be able to get it all done!

That is all for this blog post and I just want to quickly apologize for not posting on Friday! I was barely at home Wednesday-Saturday and hadn’t even opened up my laptop until last night. Anyways, expect a post tomorrow as well as my normal days (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading + Writing Goals – March + April 2018

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