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I gave bullet journalling a try for the first two months of 2018, and while I liked it and had a lot of fun making my pages, it just wasn’t something I stuck to. However, I decided to give it another try but in a different way, and that way is to keep track of my writing instead of my life. I have pages of trackers and goals and all the fun things I write out anyways, so I thought why not just have it all in one bullet journal? I am sharing some pictures down below of a few things I included in my writing bullet journal and hopefully it will inspire you to make your own as well!


The first page I have of my writing bullet journal is actually my 2018 writing goals, but 1) I have shared those goals before in this blog post, and 2) the page didn’t turn out that well. However, the next page is my short story tracker where I keep track of the words I write for my short stories. It helps me to see how much I need to get done each day, as well as when I should reward myself for a job well done. I have the days of the the months on top and the months on the left side, and then I managed to squeeze in a legend at the bottom. It’s kind of hard to read but basically if I write no words I have to colour the square red, more than one word is pink, more than one thousand is purple, more than two thousand is blue, more than three thousand orange, and then more than four thousand turquoise.

unnamed (1)

Next I have my submission tracker where I write down each literary magazine or contest I submit to. It is really important to keep this info in case your story gets selected. What I write down for each submission is the literary magazine/writing contest name, whether it is a literary magazine or writing contest, the date I submitted to it as well as the deadline, and then the story I submitted.




Next up is a story arc, and I have this in here just to remind me where to place certain events. I mean, most of us have this drilled into our heads from English class, but just in case something slips my mind it is nice to be able to flip back and have it there.


I also have a novel tracker to track all my words put towards my novel. As you can see I haven’t started writing it because I am still in the outlining phase, but it is basically the same layout as my short story tracker. Again these are really useful and if you make a bullet journal related to anything, I really recommend putting this page in.


Then lastly I have a list of my next bi-monthly goals. I have quite a few for the month of March but I will go over them more in my January/February goals wrap up post that should be coming up sometime soon!

That is all for this blog post on my writing bullet journal, and I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you have a bullet journal for anything and what pages you keep in it because I am always looking for new ideas. Also, don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading + Writing Update!

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