Tips for New Writers!

Only while typing this did I realize that I don’t consider myself a new writer anymore, and while it took four years to realize that, it is an amazing feeling! I love to write, and over these past four or so years, I have learned so much about the process, the craft, and the overall experience of my passion. However, for those of you just starting out, it is daunting! It is something that requires a lot of time and energy, but if you love it, of course it is worth it. Anyways, I am rambling as always, but today I wanted to compile a list of a few tips I have for beginner writers in hopes that it will help you on your journey. Really, these tips could help anyone who is a writer, beginner or not, and if you have any tips of your own please comment them below to help everyone out!

  • Set Long and Short Term Goals – I love to plan, but a lot of the goals I create for myself (usually long term ones) are a bit out of reach for me at this moment in time. It is great to have goals that are way up there, because if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything, but sometimes we get distracted by those big goals and forget about the steps we need to take to actually get there. My advice for writers is to create your long term goals first, some examples of these type of goals are to finish a novel, or write eight short stories… Once you do that, also create some short term goals that will become the stepping stones to achieve your long term goals like if you want to finish a novel one day, set daily or weekly word counts for yourself. You will be so much more effective this way, and have a higher chance of actually checking off your goals.
  • Allow Yourself to Take Breaks – See, I was going to title this one “Take Breaks”, but then I realized that it is easy to take a break, however, not feeling guilty about stepping away from your work is the difficult task. You have to remember that it is healthy, and necessary, to take breaks. It isn’t good to stare at a computer screen for five hours straight! Step back from your work and take a walk or read a book. You will thank yourself later if you do.
  • Connect With Other Writers – Whether this is in person or online, connecting with writers is really a necessity. I follow many writers on Twitter, and it is nice to see that I am not alone when I struggle with my writing. I also like to attend local open mic readings or classes if I can, and that is something I highly encourage you to do as well. As they say, writing is a lonely task so why not change that!
  • Seek Out Good Work Environments – It is really important to have a nice place to get your work done in, because it will make you want to come back there and write! I recommend somewhere quiet and cozy, and that could be anything from your office to a coffee shop. I also recommend having multiple writing locations because it will make you more flexible to write in new places. For example, I usually write in my living room (on my couch or on the floor) or in one of my local coffee shops. I always get a lot of work done in these spots which is why I label them as my “designated writing spots”.
  • Take Advantage of the Internet! – The internet is FILLED with amazing writing resources so use it! There are so many YouTube videos made on the craft of writing or even videos of other people writing. There are also podcasts on creativity and writing, as well as online classes and so much more. There seems to be an endless supply so if you are starting out, educate yourself on story structure, developing flushed out characters, and staying motivated throughout your work.
  • WRITE – The only way you will get better at writing is by writing. If you don’t want to write because your scared or don’t feel like it, just don’t think. Sit down with your computer or notebook and write, start with a sentence and then the rest will come, I promise!

Those are all the tips I have for you today and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading + Writing Update

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9 thoughts on “Tips for New Writers!

  1. Thank you very much. I appreciate your tips. I don’t consider myself a true writer yet. I still have a ways to go, and a lot of hard work ahead of me. I am a first-time author though, with a recent book, in the humor genre. I agree with you on having long and short term goals. Now, I’m just concentrating on promoting my book. As for a break, it might be a while. I do use the internet for help, and of course blogs like yours for valuable information.. Your final tip is simple, but great – Write. Thanks again, and take care.

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  2. Thank you for your tips! I am a pretty young person who likes to write but I don’t call myself a writer just yet. I guess that is my personal goal! I will try your tip about setting word counts because finish pieces is something I struggle with.

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  3. Great post! Iโ€™ve been wanting to devote myself to writing for a while, but Iโ€™ve struggled with setting goals and keeping myself on track, so this is exactly what I needed to hear. I look forward to following your writing adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Awesome post! I went in search of some advice and I’m very happy that I stumbled upon this! I have the worst time finding inspiration and motivation… especially when I don’t get much traffic. Will be putting your tips to work right away!

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