5 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

Before I jump into this post, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for 200 follows! It means so much to me and I appreciate you guys so much. Every like and comment still gets me really excited, and I love being able to connect with all of you who share the same interests as me. So again, thank you! πŸ™‚

There is a lot of writing I want to get done over the course of this year, however there is not a lot of motivation and creativity to support that. To help not only me, but any of you who are also feeling stuck. Here is a list I have compiled of 5 ways to get your creative juices flowing and I hope it helps!

  1. Watch YouTube Videos On Writing – Watching writing vlogs or people talking about craft gets me extremely motivated to write. I did a post a few months back on some AuthorTubers (and a few BookTubers) I recommend so I will definitely leave that here for you to check out because you won’t be disappointed. These authors/youtubers are amazing and dedicated and soon you will find yourself also wanting to be amazing and dedicated.
  2. Do A Different Type of Art – I really am not an artistic person but I do enjoy collaging and sometimes when I get stumped creatively, I will bring out my collage stuff and start collaging. It is nice to just let go and pour myself into something other than my words. Also, collaging isn’t my passion so it is nice not putting ridiculous expectations on myself while doing it. Highly recommend picking up a hobby that doesn’t have to do with writing because you will benefit so much from it mentally and creatively.
  3. Listen to a Podcast – There are so many amazing podcasts on creativity, writing, and really everything you could ever want. Listening to the hosts bring in other creative people and interview them is so inspiring because they tell us how they too started at the bottom and rose to success. You can also learn a lot of valuable tips from podcasts apart from gaining back that creative spark.
  4. Write Out Your Future Goals – These can be goals you plan to accomplish in the next year or the next five years, but the point is to just write some creative things you want to get done at some point in your life. Writing these down will create an image of the future in your mind and you will suddenly be hit with a load of motivation full force. You will suddenly want to start trying to accomplish these goals, and even though you will probably lose that energy and motivation eventually, keep looking back at your goals whenever you feel that motivation sinking away.
  5. Take a Trip to the Library or Bookstore – Just being surrounded by books inspires me to write. I see all of the books that are published by others who just sat down and wrote the damn thing, and it makes me want to do just that. You can also get a book or two out of going to the bookstore which is another great way to get back into your creative groove!

Those are 5 ways to spark your creativity and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Audiobook TBR

Happy writing πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

  1. Hi,
    I love your list of ideas. Have you ever listened to The Writers Panel? It’s from the Nerdist network, and usually focuses on TV and film writing, but occasionally they have novelists on. Every time I listen to it, I’m inspired.
    Great post, thank you!

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