Jan + Feb 2018 Biannual Goals!

2018 is a year that has to be productive writing/reading/creative wise because the past two years have not been as exciting and productive as I would have hoped. I see a lot of AuthorTubers doing biannual goals and it got me really inspired to start doing them and share them with you guys so I stay accountable! As long as I complete 75% of my goals I will consider myself successful and hopefully I don’t get under that.

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For January and February, I have a total of 7 somewhat lofty goals which means I have to complete a minimum of 6:

  1. Submit to 6 Literary Magazines – Yes this is a lot but I really want to haveImage result for writing a strong first two months to 2018 and I know I can complete this goal, or at least get close to it. There are just so many literary magazines looking for submissions and so many I want to enter!
  2. Submit to 2 Writing Contests – Yep…more writing but like I mentioned in my “5 Goals Every Writer Should Set + How to Stay Accountable” it is important to strive for goals that are not too far out of reach, but still take you out of your comfort zone. Submitting these many stories definitely does that, but I know I will be able to get very close because obviously I love to write!
  3. Read 12 Books – Again, this goal is a lot. Especially since the end of January is the dreaded midterm Image result for readingseason for me. However, my reading goal for 2018 is 75 books and in order to do that I have to read 6 books a month so…yeah I need to read a lot!
  4. Publish 30 Blog Posts – Lately I have been flooded with new blog post ideas and my usual 3 blog posts a week just isn’t cutting it for me anymore! I need to write more and publish more each week so I have been thinking of resorting back to my 6 blog posts a week schedule so fingers crossed I can keep it up when school starts again next week.
  5. Journal 5x a Week – I love to journal. I find it relieving of stress and anxiety which is something I really, really need during the school time. During school I am really good at keeping up with journalling so I am sure I will be able to exceed this goal, but considering my other goals are pretty lofty, I want to be relax with the rest.
  6. Complete 3 Units of Creative Writing – I currently take a creative writing class online and have been slacking the past month. I love this class and really want to give it a lot of focus now and hopefully finish it pretty soon!Image result for gym
  7. Work Out 2x a Week – I hate going to the gym. However, I enjoy it while I am there and usually don’t leave for another two hours which is great! But getting myself there, especially during the school year is torture so despite going to the gym only 2 days isn’t a lot, I know it won’t be easy.

Those are my 7 goals for the months of January and February and I hope you enjoyed! I hope the first two months of 2018 are productive and fun and exciting for you, and comment below any goals you have for this year. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Reading/Writing Update!

(Again these are NOT my pictures and I do not take credit for them 🙂 )

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