10 Winter Writing Prompts!

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Winter is a magical season and is filled with endless amount of possibility…especially when it comes to writing! I personally love writing a snowy setting because it makes the story feel cozy and fluffy, so in anticipation for winter, here are a few writing prompts to not only get you excited about winter, but writing!

  • Write about the sound of winter
  • A thin layer of frost covers the lands at the beginning of June…it is the first snowfall in a thousand years
  • Write about Santa Claus…but he steals instead of giving presents
  • You are lost in the middle of nowhere and it is the middle of winter…suddenly a train is in the distance
  • While ice skating the ice cracks and you fall in…instead of hitting water you end up in a different dimension
  • Write about the history of a special Christmas ornament
  • Write about the first snowfall of the year…describe how it feels, smells, taste, looks…
  • Write about a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree
  • Your plane gets cancelled due to a blizzard warning…while waiting at the airport you meet a mysterious stranger
  • What is your favourite part about the winter? Christmas, snow, hot chocolate, Christmas movies???

Those are all the winter/Christmas themed prompts I have for you and I hope you enjoyed it and feel inspired to write! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post too: Reading Update!

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