Literary Magazines

Literary magazines are a great way to get your work out there for free, and create a name for yourself among other readers and writers. Some you get paid for having your work put in their magazine and some you don’t, but either way it is beneficial! Here are is a quick list of literary magazines for any of you who are writers to submit to and I hope you enjoy 🙂


2 Elizabeths

Reading Period: January 1 – December 31

This is a literary magazine that focuses on publishing rich short stories and poetry by those who are both emerging and experienced writers. 2 Elizabeths likes to focus on putting stories into their magazine that reflects positivity and kindness in a wide variety of genres. A great literary magazine for writers because of its broad focus!

100 Word Story Reading

Period: January 1 – December 31

This literary magazine has their eye on work that is flushed out because of its small word count. It brings up the idea that every word counts and with this literary magazine, you want them to be great words. It is challenging to write a solid 100 word story which is why I think this is a fun literary magazine! It presents a challenge that all writers should tackle.

Lennox Magazine 

Reading Period: January 1 – December 31

The Lennox Magazine is a new literary magazine that is always accepting submissions. They welcome a very broad variety from fiction to poetry to travel diaries which I think is very interesting and unique! I have been thinking of submitting to this one myself and will most likely do so in the next few months so check it out!


Reading Period: January 1 – December 31

Aaduna focuses on exhibiting new writers and artists to the literary world which is something I always look for when submitting to literary magazines because I am also an emerging writer. This magazine takes fiction, poetry and creative non fiction so it gives a good variety. I also read that they publish anywhere from 8-12 new artists which is quite a high number for this popular literary magazine!

Those are a few literary magazines that sounded good to me and I hope you enjoyed! If you want some more places to submit to, definitely check out the website Poetry and Writers and look at their literary magazine recommendations. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Books I Need to Read Before 2018!


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