Where to Find Story Inspiration

I get a good idea every once and a while, but they don’t come quickly so when I want to write it, can be hard to come up with an idea that interests me. Over the past few months though, I figured out a few different methods that you can use to find the perfect inspiration to create your story!


I love Pinterest when it comes to writing prompts, because they have a huge selection. I was scrolling through it the other day, and found so many unique and fun ideas that I want to get to at some point. Creating a board for this will help keep them organized to, so if you are out of ideas and need some inspiration, you can click on your board and have so many ideas to choose from.


I have come up with several different story ideas on my walks back home from school. Taking a walk outside and letting your mind wander can open a whole new space in your brain that is just bursting with story ideas. So take a break from staring at your computer, stressing about writing a story, and take a walk!

Other Books

By this I don’t mean copy a story idea exactly from a book, but you can take aspects out of different books and piece them together to create something completely different and new. It always helps to be an active reader when you are a writer, because it helps with not only your writing style, but your ideas.


I don’t know about you, but I have absolutely insane dreams that are sometimes to complicated to understand. But when I can sort my dreams out, and have them make some sense, they can be the key to a world of ideas. My dreams tend to be very action filled, so sometimes I may not come up with a whole new idea, but at least a few scenes.

Life Events

Whether your life is pretty mundane, or not, you can still get a story from something that has happened to you. You may have to exaggerate it a bit, or not, but it can be like path to a story that you will love.

Those are five different ways to get story inspiration and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: How To: Conquer That Reading/Writing Slump!



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