Bookworm Problems!

  1. Losing Your Bookmark in the Sheets

You are a reading a really great book in bed, and then you finally start feeling tired so you reach for the place your bookmark is supposed to be, but its not there. Now you have to search through your mounds of sheets and blankets to find a thin piece of paper or plastic that will hold your place in the book, and most likely it will be all bent by the time you find it. This happens so many times I need to do something about it.

2. Acting the Scenes Out

This isn’t necessarily a problem…unless you are in public. When I am alone, I start voicing some of the characters and acting it out without even realizing it! Luckily, I don’t read in public too often, but when I do, my fear is that I will start acting out a breakup scene or something by myself.

3. Saying You Won’t Buy New Books because Your TBR Pile is Taller than the Empire State Building…

I am pretty good with keeping my book buying under control…but when I allow myself to buy a “few” books I can easily go crazy. Sometimes I will come home with over ten books (luckily I usually buy books second hand) yet I will have twenty books that are sitting on my bookshelf unread.

4. When Your Eyes Skip Further Down the Page and You See a Spoiler

THIS HAPPENS TOO MUCH! I get very distracted easily, so if I am reading a scene that is a tiny bit dragged out, my eyes are going to jump down the page a little bit. When this does happen, there always happen to be a spoiler waiting for me, and then I feel like slapping myself across the face because I just ruined it for myself!

5. When You Finish a Series that You Are Sentimentally Attached to

After finishing some series such as Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Mortal Instruments, I felt that there was nothing else good left to read. Which is completely ridiculous because there are so many amazing books out there waiting to be read! Still, I feel so sad after finishing a long series I loved so much because it feels like I have to say goodbye to all the characters…even though they don’t exist, it feels like saying goodbye to someone I am very close to.

6. When You Read in Public and Someone Asks Why

You wouldn’t believe how much this actually happens to me. I will be reading or talking about something I am currently reading and someone will ask “are you reading it for school?” and when I say no they will ask why. Maybe its because I like to read…maybe its because reading is actually amazing?!

7. Paperbacks VS Hardcovers

I used to be all about hardcovers despite them being more pricey. They last longer and look nicer on your shelf, but paperbacks are nicer to hold and read in bed…but they also wear easier. The struggle.

8. Second Hand Embarrassment

I get second hand embarrassment so badly if the character does something embarrassing in the book. I cannot help but cringe for them and feel as if the embarrassing thing is happening to ME instead.

9. Being Excited to Lend Your Favourite Book to Your Friend but When They Return it its Bent

I hate when this happens so much! I love the idea of lending a favourite book of mine to a friend because I want to share the amazingness with them…but when they give it back with the corner bent or stains on the hardcover?! Like could you not have been more careful with it!

10. When the Movie Leaves Out Your Favourite Scene

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince anybody? A certain scene between two people that I was hoping would be included in the film, because it was pretty iconic if I do say so myself, ended up not being filmed! Instead they filmed a not so epic version of it, leaving me and lots of fans to be disappointed.

Those are ten bookworm problems we all face and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Camp NaNoWriMo Prep #3!


2 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems!

  1. Number 4 and 8 are my top problems! It never fails. Another problem is finding yourself too giggly in real life over a fictional character, and you have to remind yourself to cool it, he’s fictional!


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