Quick Writing Tips #4

I’ve been writing lots lately so here are a few quick tips that definitely help me while writing and getting motivated to write.

Tip #1: Sit Down and Write

Even if you aren’t feeling confident in your story, still just sit down and start writing. Let the words flow out of you because after a few sentences it will come as naturally as breathing!

Tip #2: Music

Some people can’t write with music but if you can, I definitely recommend it. Putting on some music in the background definitely helps me focus more because it occupies any other part of my mind that begins wandering and sets it back to writing. I recommend choosing music that you will not sing along to, because if you are like me that will distract you from writing.

Tip #3: Write Down Everything

Every story idea, every character sketch and every dream I recommend you to write it down. Have a notebook especially for these kind of random ideas that could contribute to a full story one day!

Tip #4: Craft Books

I love reading books on writing, I think they are extremely useful and interesting and filled with things I never even thought of. There are so many good ones out there but I recommend you just pick up the first one you find because each is helpful in their own way.

Tip #5: Take Time Away

Whether I had just finished a short story or a larger project, I find it really helps to take a few days away from it and come back. Taking a few days off from it really allows you to come back and see any little mistake you didn’t see before, and I do this all the time now.

Those were five quick writing tips and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Spring Break 2017 TBR!

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