Reading/Writing Update!

before-i-fall1I have been reading Before I Fall for the past few days and while thlockandkeye beginning was a little slow, it definitely picked up the pace around page 250ish. I am really enjoying it now and it is a really good book in the way that it makes you cherish the world around you a little more! I wouldn’t say I absolutely love the book because the pacing is off in a lot of parts and the characters are quite flat in the beginning (in my opinion) but I do like it. I really enjoy how the main character, Sam, grows so much throughout the book and I think it is such an improvement from who she was before. After I finish this book, I am going to pick up Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen because I hoping it will be a little more happier compared to Before I Fall. I am not sure what the storyline is for this book, but it is a Sarah Dessen book so I am of course, excited!

And guess what!!! I actually wrote this week and it was SO nice to get back into my scene. I haven’t written anything I was proud out in soooo long, but managed to pump out a 2000 word story last night. I really like the concept of the story I wrote, and am planning on entering it in this local writing contest I found so wish me luck! I plan on writing a lot more from now on and never want to take a break that long again.

That was my reading and writing update and I hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Journal Writing Part 2!

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