Awesome Writing Prompts!

I was on Pinterest looking for some inspiration and came across a LOT of really awesome writing prompts so I thought I would share a few of them with you in case any of you are feeling uninspired with your writing like me.

  1. A child is born with an imagination so strong it starts leaking into reality.
  2. You find a stack of “Missing Persons” news clippings underneath your parents bed. All with your photo.
  3. Start your sentence with: The world did not end in a bang, or a whisper. But rather, one scream at a time.
  4. He came for the crown. She left with his head.
  5. Someone is murdered on the cruise ship you are on. Passengers are told to lock themselves in their cabins and wait instructions. The captain speaks from the ship’s PA system. “The first contestant has fallen, only 5,132 remain.” With that, all the doors swing open.
  6. Write a story about a countdown. Start the story at ten and end with zero.
  7. They were playing hide and seek when he disappeared. She spent the rest of her life looking for him.
  8. Everyone is branded with the date of their death. Yours was yesterday but your still alive.
  9. The reaper takes on a different form for everyone and for some reason the form for you is a kindly grandmother.
  10. Two thousand warriors drew their swords for a battle they would not win.

Those are a ten writing prompts that I think are great for getting your creative juices flowing and I hope you enjoyed! Remember these are all taken from Pinterest so if you need some more inspiration I definitely recommend checking them out on there.

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