Quick Writing Tips #3

I haven’t done a writing related post in a while so here is a part three to my “Quick Writing Tips” series and I hope you enjoyed πŸ™‚writingquote

Know What You Are Writing – This seems pretty obvious but sometimes we get carried away with an idea and want to jump into writing it right away with no plan whatsoever. Planning out a story can be a little tedious sometimes, but it is extremely important if you want to write a story that makes sense.

Show Don’t Tell – Every writing book I read says this so you know it is important. When writing, don’t explain a scene, show it! Show the vivid colours and the smells, don’t plainly describe it in a way that will bore your readers.

Write Now, Edit Later – We can sometimes get caught up with making each sentence perfect, but if we always do that finishing your first draft will take FOREVER! That is why when writing, just write, don’t worry about grammar or really anything technical, just let the words flow from you because you can always go back and fix it later.

Start With the Basic IdeaThe idea doesn’t have to be something complex at first, it could be a simple line. What makes it the idea though, is what you build on it and what it becomes after elaborating on it more.

Start With a Problem – If you don’t know how to start a story, start by acknowledging the problem, or at least a path that will lead to that problem. It also helps to start the story in an interesting place where you will not loose the interest of your readers.

Those are five quick writing tips and I hope you enjoyed!

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