Quick Writing Tips #2!

I have some more quick, little writing tips up my sleeve so I hope you enjoy!writingquote

Make Time and Stick to It – Set aside a certain time to write and write at that time everyday. If you don’t have a specific time to write at, it is going to be harder to get into the habit of writing everyday and actually getting words down.

Join or Start a Writing Group – I have no friends that write so it can be hard when I want to talk about my writing or get feedback, but that shouldn’t hold me or any of you back. Start a writing group! It can be a little scary organizing something that people are going to participate in, but in the long run it will be great.

Don’t Compare – Comparing yourself to incredibly famous writers or really just any writer is a recipe for disaster. Your work isn’t going to be like theirs and thinking that is not good because your writing should show who you are, not somebody else.

You Can Do Whatever – This is your story which means you can do whatever you want! You can kill every character in the end (even though people may think you have no heart), you can have zombie-werewolves or your story could even take place in the dinosaur era. The main point is that you have full control over your story and nobody but you can tell you what to do with it.

Listen to Feedback – It can be hard to hear that your favourite scene isn’t working for somebody else, and while it doesn’t mean you have to completely change it, you should take their feedback to heart. Listening to what readers have to say about your work is so vital and will help you when writing other things immensely! Don’t get defensive or rude, just thank them and take it into consideration.

Those are 5 quick writing tips and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Beginner’s Guide to: Dystopian!


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