Intro to Journal Writing!

I think journal writing is a great way to relieve stress or even a great place to keep a grocery list. I try and write whenever I feel confused, upset or angry, but I also use it to write down memories I don’t want to forget. Anyways, here are some tips if you want to get into journal writing and how to stay in it!christina-baldwin-quote-about-journal-writing-620x1024

Write Everyday – In order to get into the habit of journal writing you should write a bit everyday. It doesn’t have to be super interesting but just write how you are feeling about the day and what happened or even a list of stuff you need to do the next day. Just write.

Get Creative – If the basic concept of journal writing sounds boring to you, then spruce up the pages with some colour and doodles. If you are artistic or bored draw out what you wrote in little cartoons or even colour an entire page that reflects how you are feeling. Just have fun with it!

Positive and Negative – While it is good to cleanse yourself of all the negative energy by pouring it into the pages of your journal, it is also good to talk about the positive. You want your journal to be a safe place where you can spew your true feelings but include some happiness into that because it will make you happier!

Take Your Journal Everywhere – Having your journal with you wherever is great because maybe you need to write down a list of something you don’t want to forget or maybe you just need something to do.

Don’t Worry About Grammar, Spelling, Etc… – Don’t worry about all of this because a journal is just about writing, and most likely nobody else is going to read this so who cares if you misspelled a word or forgot a comma?

Those are some tips when starting a diary or journal and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Series I Need to Finish!



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