Guide to Books on Writing

I read a lot of books that share tips and secrets about writing but some of them are super long and I honestly don’t have the patience to read it so here are a few ways to get the basic info without having to read the entire thing.

Bold Writing – A lot of books have their main tips in bold lettering on the pages and this is really useful if you are taking notes because they usually come in short form which is easier to write down. Also, if you are looking for a specific tip or trick, you can flip through the book and having it in bold lettering makes it much easier to find.

Chapter Endings – For some writing books, at the end of each chapter they have some sort of list of things they covered in the chapter and I always love when books have this because it makes it easier when writing notes or just wanting to get to the main ideas. It is also useful because then you know if that chapter was on anything you really wanted to know about and if it was then you can go back and read it.

Index – Again, not all writing books have this but some do have a sort of index in the back of them. This just makes things easier to find rather than having to read or skim over every word in the book!

Recommendations: Stephen King: On Writing, Story Physics by Larry Brooks and Pre-Writing Ritual.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little guide to books on writing! Don’t forget to check out my last blog post: Beginner’s Guide to: Contemporaries!




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